Islam explained
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Islam is a very demonic religion that was based on Hinduism and customized to counter Judaism and Christianity.

"Allah" just means "god" today, but before Mohammed "Allah" was the moon god, Al Lah, that was worshipped in Mecca.  It seems suspicious that mosques have a crescent representing the moon on the top of their roofs.  Also, Muslims don't face heaven when they worship Allah -- they face the building called the Qa'aba.  Here's the charmed plaques in the Qa'aba:


In the video, one of the charmed plaques is receiving active worship.  The door to the basement has two graven images; one image of  the sun and one image of the moon.  We don't know what's in the basement.

Outside the Qa'aba at one of the corners is a round, cylindrical rock held in place by a voluptuous metal frame.  When the Qa'aba was a Hindu shrine, this was called a Lingum, an idol representing Vishnu.  Many of these idols are found in India.  In Hindu tradition, wherever there is a Lingum there needs to be a Ganga, a flowing source of "holy" water.  Since Arabia is a desert, they had to choose a well.  The Zam Zam well was chosen.  Later it was found to be contaminated with arsenic and bacteria.  How appropriate for water representing the polluted Ganges River! 

Witchcraft is rampant among Muslims.  Here's some info on Islamic curses:

Praying five times a day empowers the demons they have.  Going into a season of fasting prayers during Ramadan give the demons extra empowerment.  If Christians only pray twice a week, they don't stand a chance against these demons.  We must pray more frequently and wisely than that.

Unbelievers are considered "Khaffr" -- liars to whom it is acceptable to lie to (to act like a khaffr to).  Thus we can't trust what they have to say and they won't trust anything we have to say.  So it is up to the true God to speak to them. 

To expedite that, we need to:
1.  Bind the demons on their demonic power centers such as the qa'aba and the holy water well.
2.  Bind any unclean spirits on them, their properties, prayer rugs and their environments, so the demons can't blind them and deafen them.
3.  Ask God to bless them.
4.  Ask God to speak truth to them through visions, dreams, angels and human ambassadors.
5.  Be persistent and love them.  Leave the results to God.


edited: April 21, 2017