Read Bernard Lewis' books on Islam to see why Islam failed so badly.  

1. Jihad is the 6th Pillar of Islam since without Jihad, there would be no Muhammadan Islam. 

2. Arabs started their conquests from 635 AD slaughtering, conquering, pillaging, raping and enslaving hundreds of millions of people on three continents as commanded by their despicable mentor Muhammad bin Abd Allah.

3. Bernard Lewis, “the greatest living English-language historian of Islam,” apparently unaware that he is the primary target of Edward Said’s book Orientalism and "has been shown, time and again, to have anti-Muslim bias.") -- Bernard Lewis (like myself IQ al Rassooli) is NOT 'anti Muslim' just because he is revealing the FACTS about Islam.

4. The Crusades WERE an answer to over 350 years of Islamic TERROR against Christians and Christianity at that time.

5. As we speak today, Muslims have NOT changed their terror tactics - not only against Christians but against 80% of humanity whom they currently call Kuffar/ Infidels.