Spiritual Corruption
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The Christian Reiki, Christian Wicca, Christian Mysticism, Christian Yoga and Christian Martial Arts that is now flowing through the foyers of church halls, what else could be causing all the breakdown of the Body of Christ.
Christians have gone off and studied Reiki in a belief that that they will get extra healing powers, and all they do is fill themselves and others up with the Kundalini spirit, when they lay hands on the unsuspecting subject.  And they wonder why they feel worse than how they felt before the laying on of hands.

Christians run to magnetic bracelets, as though the effective power in them was the magnetism.  It is not.  They are charms. 

Likewise naturapathy where they take the poison and dilute it until the odds are low that any of the original atoms still are present.  The Christians use it "because it works."  It doesn't work because of chemical reasons but because of spiritual reasons.
Christian mysticism brought in Prayer Soaking and Contemplative Prayer.  No wonder the Body is in such dire straits.

Actually, There is a coming revolution in Western Christianity.