Ministry Cleanup
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Just like a doctor has to clean his hands between patients, so we must maintain spiritual cleanliness. I've seen a lot of mistakes made.

Laying on of hands is the biggest source of contagion. Hugging can constitute laying on hands (look where your hands are).

Everyone is assumed spiritually dirty until they have been prayed for. The best way for prayer ministers to do cleanup is in a circle. The prayer ministers hold hands and offer prayers and deliverance:
1. Renounce Satan and rededicate your life to Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
2. Ask God to cut them free from any sadness, negativity and despair.
3. Ask God for protection from sickness, from all harm and from accidents.
4. Ask God to teach you what to pray for, to bless the client(s).
5. Command any unclean spirits to leave the prayer ministers, their families, their families, their environments and their property in Jesus' name.
6. Cut everyone free from any unrighteous soul & sex ties in Jesus' name.
7. Bless all food and drink in the place.
8. Thank God for His salvation, protection, provision, gifts, guidance, transformation of our hearts, rewards awaiting us in heaven through Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

If someone in the circle starts yawning, coughing, sneezing, farting, grimacing, squirming, etc. keep commanding deliverance until it stops. If they continue with it, pull them out of the ring and minister to them afterward.

If someone misses the circle, They can't lay hands on anyone until they have gone through the above.

On the extremely rare circumstance that a prayer minister feels something coming back from the client into their hand, put a blessed oil circle around the arm above it. Then using a well oiled hand, push it down the arm, off the finger tips.

If it has gone into the body, bind the demons on whoever sent it and wherever it came from to silence & impotence. Then command it to leave.

When you're done ministering or done with a major case, clean yourself up from the client(s).

Holding hands with as many or few prayer ministers are available:
1. We cut ourselves free from any soul & sex ties that formed during intercession.
2. command any unclean spirits to leave us
3. we cut ourselves free from any sadness, negativity, despair, frustration or anxiety that we might have picked up from our clients.
4. Ask God to fill you with the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

A quick sample of the above is at This page

If you are working on a large or strategic target, covenant with others to do prayer & deliverance for one another daily.