Preparing the Family Tree for
Healing of the Generations

A family tree is used to diagram family history so you can see at a glance where problems are in each generation. Begin at the bottom of the family tree; fill in your name and your spouse’s name, and any problems you have (if divorced, insert your previous spouse’s name, too). Do the same with your children, your parents and your brothers and sisters. Continue in this way with your family tree, to the best of your knowledge, indicating any patterns or problem areas in your family line. Some problems come down vertically, as from grandfather to father, some horizontally, from aunt to aunt or cousin to cousin. Some of the problems are obvious, others are known only by God. Don’t worry about what you do not know. Jesus will reveal what you need to know, and what He reveals, He will bring into healing.

Great traumas may be healed through generational healing prayer without your knowing their exact cause. However, if you find that your family’s problems aren’t completely resolved after one Holy Communion or healing prayer session, continue to intercede for them. In some cases, it may be necessary for prayer for the Healing of Generations to be repeated several times for one family line. The following instructions provide some ideas to help you prepare your family tree.

Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal His Truth. He may give you an area that is not listed below, but it is essential to put down all areas revealed to you in order to break the patterns of generational curses.

  1. Pray for spiritual gifts, especially the gifts of discernment and wisdom. Believe He has given them to you and use them!

  2. Write down the negative behaviors and attitudes coming down your generational lines on your family tree. Mark any problems you know of. Jesus will know the rest. Examples: anger, unforgiveness, occult activity, divorces, unrepented sin, addictive behavior, violence, abuse of any kind, incest, alcoholism, abortions, suicides, patterns of physical or emotional illnesses.

  3. Ask Jesus to show you what hurts He wants to heal in your family line. Remember, Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the Healer! Ask Him into the scene He shows you as if it were healing of memories. Allow Him to heal it; don’t try to do it yourself.

  1. Forgive any person who hurt you. If this is difficult, ask the true Lord Jesus for help. Release this person into Jesus’ hands. Ask Jesus to forgive him/ her. Ask Jesus to forgive the people who hurt your ancestors. Send your forgiveness to them on behalf of all in your family line. Ask Jesus to forgive you and other family members for any way you may have given into the tendency to sin in the same way your ancestors did. Forgive yourself. Remember, forgiving is not the same as condoning hurtful behavior.

  1. Walk in your healing, thanking Jesus for all He has given you and your family. Pray constantly, praising and thanking Him in all circumstances. Rebuke any attacks from the enemy by telling him to leave in Jesus' name and reminding him that you are a child of God and belong to Jesus Christ. Be an active member of the Body of Christ, study Scripture and seek out a support group. Spiritual guidance and counseling can be used greatly by our Lord to bring further healing. Rejoice in the Lord always!

  1. Identify, by name, the people in your family who:

  1. Identify what you would consider to be patterns of sin in your family tree, for instance:


Holding Grudges



Racial Prejudices





Sexual Abuse






  1. What health problems seem to be prominent in your family? For example:


Skin Problems


Heart Trouble

Respiratory Trouble

Psychological Problems

High Blood Pressure


Nervous Breakdowns


Mental Retardation



Mental Disturbances

As you meditate on these questions, ask the Lord where the problems that surface had their beginning in your family lines. As you prepare to take part in the generational service, offer them to God for healing.