Christian Healing vs Science
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Christian Healing vs. science

Many unbelievers say that Christian healing doesn't stand scientific scrutiny. Believers get exasperated that people don't recognize Christian Healing when it is done right in their faces.  Doctors will see a dramatic healing of cancer with no medical intervention and will either conclude their medical diagnosis of cancer was obviously wrong or the one thing they did differently must have made the difference. Christians will pray for someone's healing, telling them to "believe for the healing". The person leaves the service acting improved, believing in hope they will be healed - when they aren't. They die at home.  The minister justifies himself, saying they just didn't believe hard enough. What satisfies you as evidence won't necessarily satisfy the next guy.

I've been on both sides of the great chasm.  We have arrived at our grand worldview of how everything works, based on being given enough consistent evidence to accept a certain worldview.  If there is one little piece of evidence that runs contrary to the whole worldview, we will stick to the worldview. 

To perform scientific inquiry, we must all come to the inquiry with an objective mind.  

Scientist Engages in Scientifically Oriented Questions
Scientist Gives Priority to Evidence in Responding to Questions
Scientist Formulates Explanations from Evidence
Scientist Connects Explanations to Scientific Knowledge
Scientist Communicates and Justifies Explanations

I try to make my experiments in praying for someone's healing as repeatable, isolatable and verifiable as I can.  That's hard to do, because we are dealing with the fifth dimensional power from God. Not everyone has the same gifts of the Holy Spirit.  My last experiment in healing was in November, 2014.  The fellow I had never seen before was getting baptized because his doctor told him he had stage 4 cancer. He wasn't going to take any medical cancer treatments, considering them to be useless and expensive.  He was due to die in about three months.  Perfect.  I killed the cancer in his body using the delegated authority of the Holy Spirit.  I told no one but the pastor what I had done.  He & I told no one.  When this man, Bob, came to the pastor a month later with a medical diagnosis of no cancer, the pastor told him what had happened. Three months later, he was fully recovered and has remained so every since.

But as for my wife, the journalist, that was not proof enough. He needed two diagnoses before and after. There had to be several other cases like this who had also been given the same treatment with the same results.  My wife drive me nuts, sometimes.