Health Repair
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We cause a lot of our own health troubles because of ignorance.  I haven't seen God heal the consequences of these maladies we bring on ourselves.

  1. Mental stress with lack of rest, lack of exercise and lack of sleep starts a dangerous spiral.
    1. take a day's break from work every week or two.  Get a social support net.
    2. a minimum of physical exercise is 10 minutes of walking daily and 5 minutes of strenuous exercise a month.
    3. Wind down a few hours before sleep.  Avoid food, exercise and stimulants during that time.
  2. Poor eating habits due to the above stress.  Taking stimulants and depressants to control your stress level.  Too much sugar, carbohydrates and alcohol.  The liver overproduces cholesterol which clogs everything. A cholesterol avalanche in our arteries often kills.
    1. Add fruits, vegetables, beans, proteins and high-fiber grains.  Back way off from sugars, white flour and white rice.
    2. Check your foods for mild allergies and toxins. Pray for God to neutralize poisons already in your system.
    3. start taking anti-cholesterol foods like fish oil, olive oil, cranberries, blueberries, etc.
  3. Hormone imbalance due to poor eating habits.  Adrenaline and thyroid are jerked around by  the stimulants and depressants.  Get the rest you need.
    1. Wean yourself off the stimulants and depressants.
    2. start taking 200 mg of l-theanine (green tea) and 200 mg of CoQ10 to repair the damage.
  4. Chronic illness, fatigue and constant medicating due to all the above.
    1. check your medicines for side effects, allergies and vitamin depletion.  Reduce them gradually. Ask God to make sure the meds do no harm but only do what the doctors benevolently intended.
    2. resolve chronic infections.

You need to address all four areas at once so you don't get pulled back into the spiral.

created Sept. 9, 2011; edited April 21, 2017