MCR-1 Plasmid Stops Antibiotics
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MCR-1 on plasmids

This gene (DNA fragment) confers resistance to all antibiotics to any gram-negative bacteria that pick it up and add it to the plasmids in their DNA. Bacteria share genes from their plasmids across diseases and organisms.  This is not new, but it is growing. In 2011, more than 5% of the Escherchia Coli found in retail chicken and pork meat from China were found to have the mcr-1 gene.  In November, 2014, this E. Coli with mcr-1 in Chinese markets has gone up to 25%. 10% of this meat is exported to southeastern Asia. Similar mcr-1 gene have been found in E. Coli bacteria in Malaysia. In December, the gene on plasmids were found in Denmark. In May 2016 the gene was found on a plasmid in a woman in America. Fortunately, they found a very old vaccine that had effect in this situation. For four people, there was no vaccine to save them.

These genes have also been found in Klebsiella and Pneumonia, other gram-negative bacteriae.

Information from "Lancet Infectious Diseases" published online, November 18, 2015.
CDC information about Gram-negative bacteria online.

The Communists built epidemic shelters for themselves, when they built weaponized Ebola in 2013.  But the shelters are now obsolete. The absence of Humans does not make this danger go away.  The Communists' best alternative is to colonize Mars, watching what they take with them. Bon Voyage!

Evidence this is probably the medical problem is the doctors can't stop a rapidly growing infection - with anything.  They have a test for this gene, but no answer.

The Christians have two possible alternatives: 
1.  Pray for God for His Gift of healing DNA and RNA.  I pray for God to scramble the mcr-1 gene on the plasmid on the DNA in a person and their environment.
2. Speak death through the Holy Spirit to all bacteria containing the mcr-1 gene.


edited: July 10, 2017