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Secular Humanists also are engaged in the supernatural; it's just that they are in major denial. Ernest Hemingway, the great Humanist author, gave sacrifices to a powerful idol in Cuba. Why would any Humanist do this?

Here's how their worldview works. Arthur C. Clark said, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."  The converse of this is: "Magic is just advanced science that the scientists haven't discovered yet."

They assume by faith  in "science" that there is no supernatural. Everything is material and natural. It's just that we don't know how they are yet. By faith, future scientists will figure out the material explanation for what is called spirits, god, Satan, angels, demons, heaven and hell. In the meantime, Humanists can use occult powers for the powerful effect in them.  They have a superstition that the power they deal with is unintelligent.  They don't see the darkening of their personalities by the demonic influence. They don't see influence over their views by witches, shamans, New Agers, etc. Satan has them on a strong leash.

Ironically, the greatest spiritual power is to be found in Christianity.  We can defeat all other sources of spiritual power with deliverance.  But they prefer the second best because they are allowed to pretend to be in charge.

The best way to get through to them is deliverance for them, their friends & families, their properties & environments. Pray for God to influence them toward righteousness. Give them divine blessing so their personalities will lighten up to where they can turn to Christ.

In our western world, so many Christians have bought into Humanism where there is no supernatural assistance. Thus they don't reach out for God's promises. They just sit there. I have to say, "look folks, God DOES things; all you have to do is ask!" And they continue to just sit there. It violates their worldview to do otherwise.

Another excuse I have heard is, God gave me this sickness out of His love, for me to grow in patience. Who am I to contradict God be seeking healing? I mean, look at Paul's thorn in the flesh. It must have been a physical malady, so God wants us to endure sickness sometimes. False. The "thorn in the flesh" is the same metaphor as what God used in Numbers 33:55. It is persecution, not sickness.

edited: December 02, 2015