Internet warfare
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The internet opens us up for spiritual, identity, intellectual, instinctual and emotional influence.  It needs to be dealt with today, lest Satan use it to drag us away from the faith.

Here's a first aid for these things: 
Heavenly Father, we want truly to be your child, and we want to be completely free. we confess that Jesus Christ of Nazareth is Lord; we believe you raised Him from the dead and we confess my need of the new birth and freedom He alone can give.  we want this.  we renounce the internet sites and all their affiliated groups, forms and activities, with all the paganism they represent.  we renounce all things occult and pagan that have touched my life directly or come into my life through my family.  we renounce it all, turn from it and ask you to forgive me, free and deliver me from all its consequences.  we ask you to fill me completely with your Holy Spirit and lead me in the way we should go. 

For those who produced or expressed themselves in a demonic way that we ran into, Heavenly Father, We break all soul ties, sex ties, charms and idols on them and command all the demons on them and their properties to leave now and go to where the True Lord Jesus would send you.

We count this done, and thank you for it, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen.


edited: October 06, 2017