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What Would Jesus Do?

There was a movement based on this statement that didn't take it far enough.  Jesus is God Almighty who came down to earth and put on flesh.  He taught and exemplified the perfect Christian walk and the perfect Jewish walk at the same time. His ministry started when he was baptized, not for his own sins but for our sins.  He received the Holy Spirit at that point and was led into the wilderness to talk with God and get prepared for ministry.  He received six gifts of the Holy Spirit at that time, according to Isaiah 11:2.  He was tempted by Satan, like Adam & Eve, but he passed the test unlike Adam & Eve. He told the devil, "It is written (in the Bible), man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that comes from the (supernatural ) mouth of God." (Matt. 4:4)  Obedience to God the Father through God the Holy Spirit was foundational. It was so foundational, he swore he wouldn't do anything unless God told Him to through guidance from the Holy Spirit. Prophecy (John 5:19).  Word of Knowledge (John 12:49).  How do you get the Holy Spirit for guidance? By asking, seeking and knocking for it. (Luke 11:9-13)

How do we get the rest of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit like Jesus did?  The same way. (John 14:11-13).

How are you doing, so far?

God led Jesus to build an organization from people God had already chosen for those positions.  He taught these men and women and showed them how to minister.  God later led Jesus to send them out to do what they had already seen and heard Jesus teach them to do.  That was to go into an area, heal the sick and cast out demons. A crowd will form from the signs & wonders.  He then preaches the gospel to the crowd.  How easy is that?


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