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Links to other sites dedicated to our vision statement.
(caveat:  Inclusion in this list does not mean that we agree with everything they say.)

Virtual Koinonia
Christian Forums is a large website of forums.

To be a "House of Prayer"
The Sentinel Group has researched what God requires to start a revival.
Mastermedia International promotes prayer for the Hollywood leaders and cultural influencers with a prayer calendar.
America's National Prayer Committee has news and information.
Florida Prayer Network links together the prayer groups of Florida.
Mission America Coalition has news and information.
Pray! magazine put out by the Navigators.
The traditional hours of prayer.

Where People are Healed
C.A.R.E., Inc., a non-profit organization to help set people free from the cycles of destruction that have ruled their lives and destroyed their homes.
Order of St. Luke the Physician is an international ecumenical order for promoting healing in the church.
Christian Healing Ministries offers training and courses for prayer ministers.
Freedom In Christ Ministries offers healing through truth and training to do it.
Theophostic Ministries offers training for healing of traumas.
Institute for Christian Ministries offers training for prayer ministers.
The Medical Strategic Network equips professionals to heal physically and spiritually.
Institute of Christian Growth promotes Christianity in mental health field.
Christian Medical and Dental Society is a Christian society of workers in the medical field
Charles & Frances Hunter have a course for prayer ministers.
Christian Inner Healing is a good resource for similar or the same information for healing.

And Disciples are Made.
Entering into God's Rest -- an important part of Christianity
Search God's Word is a free Bible study and reference material site.

The Bible Gateway for reading & researching the Bible
Bible Reading Plans for how to read the whole thing
CyberLibrary is a free theological library.
Ray Stedman's free theological library
The Navigators have great Bible Studies and scripture memory material
Campus Crusade for Christ has free materials on basic Christianity.
The Alpha Course is a fun program to introduce people to Christianity.
Evangelism Explosion is a good program for evangelism.
Global Harvest Ministries offers tools for evangelism.
Billy Graham crusade website.
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship evangelizes college intellectuals.
Church Growth to learn your gifts for the body of Christ.
Target Training to learn more about yourself.

Social Activism
Focus on the Family
Family Research Council
American Family Association
Eagle Forum
Concerned Women for America
Traditional Values Coalition
Christian Coalition

Defense of the Faith
Basic explanation of Apologetics
Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry
Stand To Reason
Reasons to Believe
Christian Apologetics
Origins: resources concerning intelligent design
Probe Ministries: challenging popular culture
Spiritual Counterfeits Project: keeps track of Eastern religions, 'spirituality' and cults
What makes Atheists tick?
Christian Answers

Christian Culture
Christian Classics Ethereal Hymnary for the traditional music
WorshipMusic for more recent music

definitions of terms
Refuge for those getting out of Satanism and witchcraft  

A good self-deliverance website in Texas.
Here's a book on inner healing and self-deliverance you can download.
"Ministrando Bajo La Superficie" -- the same book en Espanol
Self-deliverance for Roman Catholics only.

Politics and Finance
America's Future
Understanding our opponent's propaganda
More on propaganda devices used against us
Is the government our savior?
government control of the financial markets
What economic collapse looks like

edited: July 18, 2017