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Satan is trying to defeat the Christians and their message so he can take over the whole world.  He uses witchcraft, shamanism, demonic religions and Marxism for this purpose.

Marxism is the teachings and worldview of Karl Marx, a Jewish Atheist.  The worldview is a struggle between two classes in society, the proletariat and the bourgeoisie.  The bourgeoisie is the class of property ownership, who own the means of production.  The proletariat is the class of wage laborer who desires high wages.  Corporate profits and wages are inverse relationship.  Thus those who promote capital, the bourgeoisie, use the state to oppress and exploit the proletariat.  They consider the capitalists to be the source of recurring depressions and war. The proletariat create the "Communist Party" to wage war against the state, the defender of the capitalists.  The Marxists consider this to be a real war, usually a cold war.

The war is fought with the classical weapons of the military, but everything is used as weapons.  Education, environmentalism, feminism, gay liberation, news media, churches, language, trade, diplomacy, religion, the occult, science, cultural interchange, news media and legal jurisprudence are all seen as weapons in a real war.  And the Marxists are militant in this war of theirs.  No one else sees it as a war but them.  No one else has this bogus worldview.  But we must either recognize this and defend against it, or ignore it and be destroyed.  They have already stated they intend to kill 1/3 of the American population and destroy Christianity.

The Marxists desire "peace" above all.  But their definition of "peace" is the consummation of overwhelming American imperialism and conquers the world for Communism.  This comes from their bogus worldview.  Everyone else except the Muslims consider "peace" to be an absence of conflict and harmonious coexistence with things the way they are right now.

The Marxists tell "the truth" at all times.  But it is the Marxist worldview's definition of "truth".  The Marxist worldview teaches that there is no God and therefore no source of objective, unchanging truth.  "Truth" is a weapon of the class war and any statement that advances the Communist conquest is "true."  The maturity of a Communist can be judged by the extent to which he can divorce himself from the evidence of his senses and totally identify himself with the verdict of the Communist Party.  When the Soviet Union collapsed from universal disbelief, "the Truth" was no longer determined by the Soviet Central Committee but by the Washington Post.  The American Communists just said, the Russians just didn't do it right; we will do it right."

Only God can work a subterfuge to break this Satanic worldview.  And he will do it by grace, through faith, through the prayers of the saints.  These people need deliverance to break the chains over their minds.  They need Jesus to speak real Truth to them and bring them back to sanity.  They need Jesus to speak love to them to rebuild their crushed spirits.  They need divine blessing for the Holy Spirit to steer them to real righteousness.  Since they don't believe in God, they are totally vulnerable to Him.  A good prayer for this purpose is HERE.

The Marxists call everyone that helps them in the small areas of their agenda as "useful idiots" to be subjugated eventually.  They don't understand that Satan & his fellow demons & humans consider them as "useful idiots" in the same way.  Marxism can't ever reach Anarchist Communism; in the transition, all it takes is one despot to refuse and he can conquer all the Anarchist Communes and re-enslave them.  You can't go to the far left and expect to end up at the far right.

Satan & his demons consider the Satanist humans are also "useful idiots."  The demons are the ultimate racists.  All humans bear on their soul the image of God - who the demons despise.  Since they can't touch God, they will take their wrath out on the humans - thanks to these suckers who do the work for them.  Their turn is eventually coming.

But when God comes back, Satan & his demons will also be defeated.  And Jesus the Messiah will reign the world from Jerusalem for a thousand years.  And then the humans go the way of the dinosaurs.  But their supernatural souls will go to be with their god, either Yahweh or Lucifer.

latest update: April 19, 2017