The Order of St. Luke
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The Order of St. Luke the Physician is an international ecumenical order for promoting prayer groups for healing in the church.

The mission of OSLP is to have healing services in every church. Their topics to carry this out are:
- promote the practice of holding healing services
- promote the practice of extended healing ministry
- develop local chapters that will promote healing seminars, workshops and prayer groups in their area.
- teach Christians how to pray for healing for themselves and others
- encourage a sound pastoral and counseling ministry
- go out to hospitals, nursing facilities and shut-ins with the healing touch of Jesus

Our initial list of meeting topics include:
- how to know the Will of God
- obstacles to healing
- Satan's counterfeits
- how to attain to holiness and godliness
- networking among individuals and prayer groups
- troubleshooting prayer groups
- seeking the healing gifts of the Holy Spirit

This ministry is more important than you imagine.
1.  In our relativistic age, people are not looking for truth; they want to know "what works".  This is a venue where Christianity 'works', and works better than anything else in the world.  What we have is not the power of suggestion as the Humanists say; babies and pets are also healed!
2.  Medical science is about to have a major setback.  Antibiotics are on the verge of failing to stop staph bacteria, which are found in all surgery wards and hospitals.  When medicine fails to stop staph, the public will be looking for alternatives to medical science.  The occultists have been positioning themselves as the only alternative to medical science, so they can demonize the general population.  Such a population would persecute Christians.
3.  Occultists are already in the medical profession in lab coats, laying hands on patients and spiritually infecting them.  Witches are attracted to anesthesiology.  Shamans are becoming physical therapists.  Reikists are offering 'healing touch' in hospital wards.  Christian healing should be first resort, not last resort!
4.  the prayer ministers of the local churches should be praying coverage over all the churches in their community, so Satan has a much harder time of bringing down the churches, the prayer ministers and the pastors, one at a time.
5.  revivals have always started with prayer; prayer ministers on their knees are the source of the Grace of God for revival.  This organization can encourage prayer ministers to intercede for the healing of their communities, while praying for people for healing.

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