Papal Catholics
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Papal Catholics

The Roman Catholic church is presided over by the Pope, also known as the Vicar of Christ.  For centuries he has been the final word in his church.  The word "Catholic" arrogantly means the universal church of the world.  The word "vicar" means one who stands in the place of.  The vicar of Christ technically stands in the place of Christ, or is the anti-Christ as the Bible states it. This papal church lost control when the Muslims attacked Europe to convert it. The battle cost the church too many Jesuit soldiers to destroy the alternative churches.

But the papal church has always tried to increase it's power.  The papal church has written up paperwork for sovereign rule over the world, but had too few Jesuits to bring it to pass.

Due to technology making the world very small, there is a push by various organizations to create a New World Order - with them in charge.  The Muslims have always been fighting to create world rule through a Mahdi.  The Jews have been controlling money to create a messiah, world rule and a capitol in Jerusalem.  The Chinese have become prosperous and have raised up a large number of boys to make the biggest army in the world - for world conquest.  The Europeans have wanted to create united Europe as the most powerful economic block in the world.  But all of these efforts are having troubles.

The world's first Jesuit pope, Francis, is offering to be a unifier for all these organizations with the reputation of Christ.  But Satanists have taken over the Vatican in the second Vatican council.  There are child sacrifices going on in the basement.  There is a liturgy (worship ceremony) to Satan and an idol to Satan in the Vatican.  Satan is maneuvering all these organizations, countries and corporations to agree with the papal church being the head over all.

The Jesuit pope's first target will be the non-denominational Christians, because they will be the hardest to reach. Then the denominational Christians will be called in from their denominational databases.  But Jesus our messiah will come in and 'spirit' us away.  The churchians will have to be threatened with death to bow to the pope by papal Catholics - Jesuits.


edited:  October 06, 2017