Japan and cancer

There is much cancer in Japan from many sources. Unfortunately, the Japanese government and the Shinto religion wish to maintain  national stability and prosperity at the cost of the family and the individual.  They are silent even in the face of disasters. Drinking tea from an empty cup is dangerous when one is dealing with deadly things.  It is difficult to say that everything is okay when the nuclear reactors at Fukushima are still out of control.

The Christian religion offers healing of cancer even when the Buddhist religion, Ayurveda and medicine cannot.  It offers healing from recurring cancer as well. Stomache cancer has killed 1/3 of the Japanese people.  Cancer from nuclear radiation is not reported. 

There are other poisonous effects from radiation, destroying organs, nerves and bones.

Here is how the paranormal side of the Christian religion can help you.  Christians are in contact with the Creator of the Universe, the laws of karma and all of us.  They can call upon the Creator through his son Jesus to do amazing things.  Since the Creator loves us, he is willing to do things for us. 

A Christian can pray to the Creator for healings and see him do them:
  "Heavenly Creator, we ask for you to neutralize the poisons in this person's body so they don't harm them or cause cancer any more.  By your authority, we speak death to any cancer cells in this person.  We ask for You to flush the dead cells and poisons out of his or her body.  We ask for you to straighten out any damaged DNA in their body so the cells work right.  By your authority, we command any evil influences to leave this person and their properties right now.  We ask for you to tell this person Your truth, so they can have a better future.  We ask these things because we are the servants of your son, Jesus."

If you would like to be able to ask the Creator to do this for you, reach out to him this way.

If you go to an "Alpha" course near you, they can explain the rest.

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