Healing Radiation Sickness
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Healing Radiation Sickness

in March 11, 2011, a Richter 9 earthquake offshore from Fukushima, Japan caused a 45-foot tsunami to come ashore. Eleven reactors at four nuclear power plants in the region were operating at the time and all shut down automatically when the quake hit. Subsequent inspection showed no significant damage to any of them from the earthquake. However, the 12 standby generators for circulation on four of them were flooded out by water coming over their protection walls.  No circulation meant the reactors overheated and blew up the containment vessels. They have been pumping sea water into the wreckage to keep the nuclear fuel from vaporizing into the atmosphere. There has been no way to stop huge amounts of tritium and radioisotopes from running to the sea.  The Japanese have been building and filling large tanks with this radioactive water ever since, but the tanks leak and the reactor floors are melted through. They are running out of space for these tanks.  Everything is very fragile and warped. Mishandling could cause a series of nuclear explosions, making the problem ten times as bad.  The Japanese government has hired the Japanese mafia to bring in people to do the clean up! They allowed one reactor to burn up out of an exhaust stack.  

The horrible truth about Fukushima

This is the world's biggest reactor accident, 100 times bigger than Chernobyl.  It would take all the efforts of the world to deal with this.  But the countries don't want to commit to deal with it, because they couldn't politically stop dealing with it for a century.  So they suppress the story in the news media and wish it went away.

Meanwhile, the whole Pacific Ocean is becoming radioactive, along with the plant and animal life.  Most life in that ocean has died.  The maritime nations are dying with them. The west coast of the north and central American continent is losing people from emigration and cancer.  Fish from the Pacific and plants from the coast are still being sold as food.  The hospitals get radiation sickness cases on the east coast and just say they don't know why the people are dying.  I have found the same thing in Florida.  The USA is importing food from Japan and China that is considered unfit to eat there. 

Absolutely do not eat from the Pacific anymore, as radiation would have accumulated in the bodies of its sea life.  Pity the Polynesians.


Radioactive Materials & symptoms

Treat yourself like you were already a cancer patient.  Eat well, sleep well, clean yourself up from the radioisotopes.

For healing the cancer-side of radiation sickness.

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