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Sex and Marriage

    Christians and sex

    Christians, your heart and your money

Emotional health is essential to our ability to have faith, hope and love with God and others.

Our Father's Love Letter -- by Deborah Fisher
Who am I?  -- by Neil Anderson
Defense mechanisms that kick in when we experience trauma
Coping with Disasters
Video, music and computer violence causes violence in young adults
Here's the start of a list of organizations that can bring healing
What we owe one another and each other as Christians
Homosexuals Anonymous
Taking Time
Anxiety Scale
Unresolved Grief
Hindrances to Grief Work
Good Grief

We can be made Psychologically Sick.

The problem of Rejection and its cure.
The definition of an Altered Psychological State
healing of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, according to DSM-5
Borderline Personality Disorder and neurosis
healing of Borderline Personality Disorder
Dealing with Psychosis
How Trauma can be helped with prayer
How Bible Trauma Healing can be accomplished.

Whole families can be sick.

How to pass your faith on to your children
Father's Day -- the consequences of bad fathering
Sick family roles that develop from sick people raising a family
In a sick family, each person is lonely and can't tell the family secrets
Characteristics of Adults Shamed as Children
Alanon Quiz
Alateen Quiz
Recovery and Relationships
The Addiction Cycle
Twelve Steps vs. The Addiction Cycle
Martyr's Twelve Steps (for fun)
The Man in the Glass

Churches can be emotionally sick, too.

Symptoms of a sick church
Idolatry of the church as a replacement for God
"The Shack" -- a review of the book

Asperger's Syndrome is not  handicap.

Do I have Asperger's syndrome causing me to be a misfit?
Prayer for people who are Aspergers
Aspergers' assets and liabilities
Books for Aspergers folks
Unwritten rules of social relationships
Aspergers may be Neanderthal strains
Autism links
Autism story

edited: 04/19/2017