D.L., BPD and neurosis

D.L. was raped, but her family kept their secrets so she stuffed it down to her subconscious.  As more traumas and losses occurred, she continued to stuff them down to her subconscious.

Her subconscious would express the junk by re-enactment, allusions, metaphors, reacting to similar events and complaining about things that were analogous.  She had been in Jehovah's Witnesses and Yoga .  These opened her soul to demons which went down into her old nature / subconscious.  These demons couldn't be cast out because her subconscious wanted them. Her Christian new nature / conscious mind was further traumatized and scandalized by this semi-autonomous old nature.  She automatically stuffed the new traumas down into the subconscious, further empowering it.

Her drug she resorted to was 5-hour Energy Shots.  She would binge on four or five at a time.  They were charmed, adding to her demonic load.

After a while, the old nature dominated the soul, fitting the definition of neurosis.