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Healing Resources in Jacksonville, FL

Francis MacNutt's organization, Christian Healing Ministries, is on the north side of town at 438 West 67th Street and Tallulah. They deal with physical healing, inner healing, deliverance and generational healing. There are teams of prayer ministers available on Tuesday afternoon and evening. They will give 1.5 hour appointments for people, as well. They have a bookstore that is open during the day. They also have training materials. Call (904)765-3332 for information. Their website is: ChristianHealingMin.org.


Rose Boone's ministry is called Sheep Shed Ministries. She lives west of Ortega, but she travels all over the region to minister. She offers inner healing and numerous teachings. She can also minister inner healing over the phone.  Her website is SheepShed.org.


Tim & Carolyn Temple's ministry doesn't have a name, yet. We live in the Fort Caroline area, but will travel to minister. We deal with physical healing, emotional healing, deliverance, occult cleanup, spiritual warfare for businesses & churches, and teaching emotional healing. Call (904)220-0940 for information. Our website is: OrderofSaintPatrick.org.