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 Emotional trauma healing is where Jesus shines like a floodlight.  The occult can't do it.  Modern psychotherapy can't do it.  The drugs of medical science don't heal it.  It can only be done by the power of God through Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  The client doesn't have to be a Christian for healing to take place; Jesus heals them anyway. This is one of two ways to deal with this.

Traumas are Satan's way of evangelism.  It can push people away from faith, hope, love, into suspicion, cynicism, despair, fear and anger to mask the fear.  In stronger doses, it can cause people to dissociate, fragment and go into denial to avoid facing the horror of it.  Satan can use these people by giving them outlets for their anger and frustration.  They are aimed  toward groups like Christians, who ironically are their only chance to get healed from what Satan put them through.

The healing process works like this.  Pray for God the Father to reprogram the nerve networks in the brain to reflect the Fruit of the Spirit.   The client shows an emotion that is contrary to faith, hope or love.  The Christian asks them to focus on that emotion and asks Jesus Christ of Nazareth to show them the source and origin.  When the client comes up with an incident or string of incidents from which the emotion came, the Christian will ask them what they "learned" about themselves from this incident.  Once the client recalls what Satan taught them during the incident, the Christian asks Jesus to speak truth to the client about that statement.  Jesus comes in one of a myriad of ways, counters the lie, which counters the emotions of the trauma.  That's it.

Now there are numerous twists and turns to each person and each of their traumas.  Maybe they were always told they were stupid.  Maybe they were raped.  Maybe they were deliberately shocked half to death by evil people.  Maybe their parents died suddenly.  Maybe they were seduced into homosex addiction by someone.  Maybe they never got love in their family of origin.  All of these and more can be healed by this Christian process.

The process was discovered by Dr. Ed Smith, who refined the process and named it "Theophostic" healing.  His website is theophostic.com .

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