Pray For America

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    There are occultists and demonic religionists working behind the scenes to throw political outcomes toward Satan.  In Jeremiah 29:7 it says, "Pray for the welfare of the country you dwell in ...."  We citizens of the Kingdom of God must be involved in praying for our Father's Kingdom Come and His Will be done in this country as it is in heaven.

 "I command all demons around me to leave now in Jesus` name."
"My Heavenly Father, I lay before you my concerns:
A.  The United States of America and all its states, counties, parishes, protectorates, reservations and cities.  The Federal, county, state and city  Congresses, councils, commissions, executives, courts and agencies.  The congress-persons, the president & vice president, the governors, mayors, judges, attorneys, staffs, candidates, electors, volunteers, contractors and visitors.  The political parties, lobbyists, the political workers, the political influencers, the secret government bodies and the political activists. The data mining, espionage, elections and polling organizations & equipment.  The foreign and national military, intelligence committee, national security, influence organizations, national guards, DHS, CIA, DIA, NSA, FBI, BATF, TSA, HS, ICE, BLM, Secret Service and law enforcement organizations.  All the religious, church, Yoga, Humanist, demonic and occult organizations.  The businesses, marketplace, IRS, banks, FRB and financial organizations.  The education, news media, CNN, advocate, advertising and propaganda organizations.  The communications, internet, PRISM, Windows, Network Solutions, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, Discus, hacker and network organizations. The entertainment, computer games, social network and arts organizations.  The medical, abortion, FDA, CDC, AMA, ADA, the two APA's, health insurance, genetic manipulation, EPA, USDA and scientific organizations and associations.  The sports and exercise organizations.  The criminal and union organizations.   The sex, LGBT branches, GLAAD, porno, prostitution, pedaphilia, gambling, numbers and drug organizations.  The world domination, dictatorship, blackmailing and bribery organizations and associations. The ghettos and racial organizations. The espionage, rioting, mobs and sabotage networks in (A). All the organizations over them all the way up into Satanism. All of their properties & people.  All witchcraft, charms, idols, talismans, mandalas, drugs, porn, potions, power centers, tattoos, effigies, chalices, strongholds and enchantments they use, worship, are under or have made or have sent out. The United States Dollar, Treasury Notes, SDRs and bitcoins.
B.   The citizens and residents of (A).  Their ancestral, families, friends, soul & sex ties and networks, collectively and individually.  Their properties, environments, entertainments, gangs, mobs, communications, transportation, utilities, equipment, churches, chapels, schools, weapons and sources of wisdom.
C.  Those who have worked or conspired or trained to influence, harm, kill, control, traumatize, drug, mislead, corrupt, confuse, provoke, intimidate, enslave, discourage or disempower any of the above, directly or indirectly in the last 20 years.  The organizations over them all the way up to Satan. Their ancestral, families, friends, soul & sex ties and organizations, collectively and individually.  Their churches, schools, colleges, seminaries, gangas, ashrams, groves, synagogues, mosques, temples, monasteries, anandas, lodges, organizations, soul-ties, forums and networks of (B), collectively and individually. Their properties, environments, entertainments, communications, transportation, utilities, equipment, weapons and sources of wisdom.  All witchcraft, charms, idols, mandalas, drugs, porn, potions, power centers, tattoos, effigies, chalices, strongholds and enchantments they use, worship, are under or have made.
D.  All clusters -  the Hindu, Babylonian, Shaman, Masonic, Egyptian, Voodoo, Gnostic, Phoenician,  Norse, Buddhist, Canaanite, Philistine, Celtic, Roman, Luciferian, Satanist, Etruscan, Sumerian, Maltese, Dogon, Arabian, Atlantean,  Khazar, Subud, Jewish neo-pagan, Jewish Kabbalist, Jewish Talmudist, animist, astrolatry, Baal, powers, principalities, Kundalinis and false gods that have affected or on or spied on or been sent out by the above.
E.  The people who empower & assign (D), directly or indirectly.  The organizations over them up into Satanism and the people involved in them.  Their ancestral, families, friendships, soul & sex ties, and organizations, collectively &  individually.  Their properties, environments, entertainments, gangs, mobs, communications, transportation, equipment, utilities, churches, schools, weapons and sources of wisdom.  All charms, idols, mandalas, drugs, porn, pedaphilia, potions, video violence, power centers, tattoos, effigies, chalices, strongholds and enchantments they use, support, worship, are under or have made or have sent out.  The (D) on or affecting any of 'E'."

Deliverance, Prayer and Blessing:
1.  "I call this verbal list 'USA1' for convenience. Lord, give us leaders such that it will be for Your glory to give us victory through them."
2. "By the authority of Jesus I break the human empowerment and assignments given the demons & clusters in USA1 through demon-devotion behavior, demon-inspired behavior, submission, fastings, blood pacts, sacrifices, covenants and dedications.  I unstack the clusters, powers, principalities, false gods, false Jesus', enchantments, sacrifices, charms and idols down to elementary demons. I break all ungodly ancestral ties,  soul & sex ties, networks and enchantments on these people.  I break all ley lines to these power centers, effigies and strongholds. May those who come against America be frozen in confusion.
3.  I command the demons and elementary demons of USA1 to leave now and go directly and immediately to where the true Lord Jesus would send you.  May those who come against us Christians be frozen in confusion. May the Christians grow in wisdom and knowledge.  Heavenly Father, I bless you and love you!  I am your child forever. 
4.  Heavenly Father, I ask you to draw the people in USA1 to salvation in all areas of our lives: spirit, soul, emotions, instincts, families and finances.  Please speak truth to us through visions, dreams, angels, human ambassadors and Bibles.  Please replace Satan's worldviews, identities, attitudes, delusions, wisdom and suggestions with Your Truth.  Heavenly Father, speak Love into our memories of being subjected to rejection, abandonment, loss, neglect, bullying, violence, ridicule, belittling, shaming, blaming and abuse. In the name of the true Lord Jesus I command the spirits of insecurity, reactions, discouragement, violence, revenge, bitterness, rebellion, addiction, inferiority, escapism and defensiveness to leave our hearts right now.  Draw us to hunger for Your Truth, righteousness, wisdom, love, kingdom and peace. May the fear of the Lord be upon all these people. Please expose corruption in schools, news media, politics, mobs and electoral organizations. Please expose all espionage, bombing, poisoning, sabotage and assassin networks. (Heavenly Father, please modify the t-cells of the plague sufferers to attack keys of the plague. May their t-cells be reprogrammed to do no harm to legitimate human cells and organs but only go after potentially harmful aliens in their bodies.)
5.  May Your blessing be upon the people in USA1 and their friends, environments, properties, weapons, sources of wisdom, wallets, keys, cell phones and Bibles.  May their hearts grow in spiritual poverty, trust in you, hope in you and love & divine wisdom through Your Power.  May your blessing be upon all who read this page."

"I ask these things in the name of Jesus, the Christ of Nazareth, the only begotten son of Jehovah, who is my only master and savior. Amen."

edited:   April 17, 2018