Praying For Britain

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     I have seen many decisions by organizations "thrown" by witchcraft.  I mean churches, conventions, courts of law, businesses, etc.  Likewise, spells can be used on a national political level. There is a LOT of witchcraft in Britain, from the top to the bottom. The Anglican church is unequipped to deal with this. But New Testament based Christianity can stop it cold.

"I bind all demonic communication around me in Jesus' name."
"Heavenly Father, I pray for the following concerns:
A.  Great Britain and all the other commonwealth nations.  The Royal Family of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms.  The House of Lords and the House of Commons.  The Lords, the Life Peers, the Ministers of Parliament, staff, volunteers, contractors and visitors. The political parties, the political workers and the political activists.  The Church of England, the Christian churches and all other religious, Yoga, demonic, Shaman, Humanist & occult organizations.  The Fascist, business, marketplace, Rothschild and financial organizations.  The Marxist, Fabian, feminist, Nazi, Muslim, environmental and socialist organizations. The education, news, advocate and propaganda organizations.  The entertainment and arts organizations.  The businesses, marketplace, taxation, banks, and financial organizations.  The medical, abortion, scientific and pseudo-science organizations.  The sports and exercise organizations.  The home & foreign military and police organizations. The gambling, numbers and drug organizations.   The criminal, sex, LGBT branches, GLAAD, porno, prostitution, pedaphilia, gambling, numbers and drug organizations.    The data mining, polling and election organizations.   The world domination organizations. The organizations over them all the way into Satanism.
B.  The residents & citizens of  the above.  Their generations, families, friends, soul ties, sex ties and networks, collectively & individually.  Queen Elizabeth II, the heir apparent Prince William, the bypassed Prince Charles, the bypassed Prince Philip and the people of the House of Windsor. The other organizations they belong to.  The people and properties of these organizations. The Pound Sterling.
C.  All of their environments, properties, communications, transportation, weapons, sources of wisdom and utilities. All churches, chapels, schools and Bibles.  All charms, idols, tattoos, potions, drugs, power centers, celestial objects, effigies, strongholds and enchantments they use, worship or have made.
D.  Those who have worked or conspired or trained to influence, harm, control, mislead, bless, corrupt, contaminate, confuse, discourage or disempower the above, directly or indirectly in the last ten years.  The organizations over them all the way into Satanism. All of their environments, properties, communications, transportation, weapons, sources of wisdom and utilities. All charms, idols, tattoos, churches, potions, power centers, celestial objects, effigies, strongholds and enchantments they use or worship or have created.  All organizational levels they belong to.  The people of those organizations as well.
E.  All the clusters - Hindu, Babylonian, Shaman, Masonic, Egyptian, Voodoo, Gnostic, Phoenician,  Norse, Buddhist, Canaanite, Philistine, Celtic, Sumerian, Roman, Luciferian, Satanist, Etruscan, Arabian, Atlantean,  Khazar, Subud, Sidonian, Moabite, Ammonite, Jewish neo-pagan, Jewish Kabbalist, Jewish Talmudist, animist, astrolatry and Baal clusters, powers, principalities, Kundalinis and false gods that have been sent out by the above.
F.  Those who empower & assign these demons, clusters, powers and principalities, directly or indirectly. Their organizations, generations, families, friendships, soul ties, sex ties, properties, environments, communications, transportation, weapons, sources of wisdom and utilities, collectively and individually.  The organizations over them all the way into Satanism..  All  idols, charms, pornography, potions, video violence, power centers, tattoos, effigies, celestial objects, strongholds and enchantments that they use, sent out, worship, are under, have made or have sent out.  The demons, clusters, powers and principalities affecting or on any of 'F'."

Deliverance, Prayer and Blessing:
1.  "I call this verbal list 'GB1' for convenience."
2.  "By the authority of Jesus I break the human empowerment and assignments given the demons of GB1 through demon-devotion behavior, demon-inspired behavior, submission, blood pacts, covenants and dedications.  I unstack the clusters of (E) to elementary demons. I break all the unrighteous soul & sex ties, networks and enchantments on the people of GB1.  I break the ley lines to the power centers and strongholds of GB1. May those who come against GB1 be frozen. 
3.  I bind the demons affecting people in GB1 to silence and impotence.  I command the rest of the demons and elementary demons of GB1 to leave now and go directly to where the true Lord Jesus would send you.  Heavenly Father, I bless you and love you! I am your child forever.
4.  Heavenly Father, I ask you to draw the people of GB1 to salvation in all areas of their lives: spirit, soul, emotions, instincts, families and finances.  Please speak truth to us through visions, dreams, angels, human ambassadors and Bibles.  Please replace Satan's worldviews, identities, attitudes, delusions, wisdom and suggestions in us with Your Truth.  Heavenly Father, speak Love into our memories of being subjected to rejection, loss, betrayal, bullying, ridicule, belittling, shaming, contempt, blaming and abuse. In the name of the true Lord Jesus, I evict insecurities, reactions, discouragement, violence, revenge, bitterness, rebellion, addiction, inferiority, false guilt, escapism and defensiveness from our hearts. Please draw us to renounce all present & prior sins & iniquities of ourselves and our ancestors.  Please show us the need for forgiveness. Draw us to hunger for Your Truth, righteousness, kingdom, love, power and peace. Please expose corruption in schools, news media and politics.  Please expose all espionage and sabotage networks. Heavenly Father, please modify the t-cells of the plaque sufferers to attack keys of the plague. May their t-cells be reprogrammed to do no harm to legitimate human cells and organs but only go after potentially harmful aliens in their bodies.
5.  May Your blessing be upon the people of GB1 and their friends, properties, environments, churches, chapels, power centers, weapons, wallets, keys, cell phones, Bibles, sources of wisdom and strongholds.  May their hearts grow in spiritual poverty, trust in you, hope in you and love & divine wisdom through your power.  May your blessing be upon all who read this page.

I ask these things in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the only begotten son of Jehovah, who is my only master and savior. Amen."

edited:   May 08, 2018