Pray for Christians

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We Christians are under various levels of persecution, deception and seduction to keep us fruitless for the Kingdom of God.  In John 17, Jesus our Example prayed for us Christians.  In Ephesians 6:18b, Apostle Paul told us to pray for all Christians. Most Christians are carnal, demon-influenced, worldly and defeated.  Skeptics avoid Christianity because of them.  Jesus also told us to pray on behalf of those who persecute us.

Pray thus:
"I command any demons in or around me to leave now in the name of Jesus the Christ of Nazareth."
"Heavenly Father, I lay before you my concerns:
A.  For us Christians around the world.  For the Bride of Christ.  For the prominent Christians. For persecuted Christians. For Christians involved in healing, deliverance and preaching. For the people who have the Kingdom of God hidden in their personalities and personas.  The Christians who have been killed in the last 10 years. For Christians in colleges, seminaries and schools. For the suggestible Christians. For those who visited a church in the last month. For our children yet unborn.  For all our marriages, families, friendships, churches, chapels, forums, networks, organizations, Christian media and prayer circles, collectively and individually.  For the unrighteous soul ties, sex ties, enchantment ties, somatic ties, family ties and autonomic nerve tie networks we are part of.   For the clergy ordination networks. For the organizational levels over us all the way up into Satanism. The charms, idols, tattoos, mandalas, potions, drugs, power centers, witch shrines, effigies, chalices, celestial objects, idolatrous churches, Kundalinis, strongholds and enchantments that some are under or have made.  For our properties, environments, clothes, entertainments, information sources, literature, games, websites, communications, transportation, churches, small groups, utilities, equipment, Bibles, weapons and sources of wisdom. For the food and drinks we consume. For our understanding of the theology of  Jesus the Christ of Nazareth, of the structure & operation of Your churches & small groups and of Your Gifts, blessing, deliverance and delegated Authority of the Holy Spirit.  For our understanding of Your Pentecosts and revivals. For our understanding what's really happening in the church and the world. For our understanding about Truth and deception.
B.  For the people & groups who have worked or conspired or trained to harm, kill, poison, infect, curse, imprison, soul tie, slander, libel, demonize, traumatize, spell, rob, mislead, provoke, accuse, divorce, blackmail, bribe, control, hypnotize, enchant, intimidate, spy on, disinform, influence, confuse, silence, hack, addict, seduce, molest, demonically bless, discourage or tempt any of (A) in the last ten years, directly or indirectly. For people & groups trying to corrupt or damage the churches and their properties. For the people of occult organizations & religions in Christian churches & denominations. For the rioting, mobs, slandering, social activism and protest organizations.  For the people & organizations & gangs that are over (B) all the way up into Satanism. Their families, friends, soul-ties, sex ties, autonomic nerve ties, churches, schools, colleges, seminaries, gangas, ashrams, groves, synagogues, mosques, temples, monasteries, anandas, lodges, organizations, forums and networks of (B), collectively and individually.  The potions, drugs, charms, prayer rugs, yoga pads, zabutons, idols, tattoos, mandalas, lingums, power centers, witch shrines, kivas, effigies and celestial objects that they use, worship, are under or have made.   The mantras, yantras, tantras, vastru shastras, yogas, covens, strongholds, witchcraft, chalices, wells of souls and enchantments they use, worship, are under or have made.  For their properties, environments, entertainments, clothes, websites, communications, literature, cell phones, wallets, transportation, utilities, equipment, weapons and sources of wisdom of (B). For the food and drinks they consume.
C.  The demonic clusters - each of the Hindu, Babylonian, Masonic, Egyptian, Shaman, Voodoo, Gnostic, Phoenician, Norse, Buddhist, Canaanite, Philistine, Celtic, Sumerian, Maltese, Dogon, Roman, Luciferian, Satanist, Etruscan, Arabian, Atlantean,  Khazar, Subud, Sidonian, Moabite, Ammonite, Jewish neo-pagan, Jewish Kabbalist, Jewish Talmudist, animist, astrolatry, Baal and Kundalini clusters, powers, principalities, false gods, false Jesus', enchantments, sacrifices, charms, idols, tattoos and mandalas that have affected or are on or in or spied on or been sent out by any of the above.
D.  For each of the people and organizations empowering and sending out any of (C). For their families, friendships, unrighteous soul & sex ties, autonomic nerve ties, forums, churches, schools, colleges, synagogues, groves, mosques, monasteries, anandas, lodges, covens, ashrams, gangas, temples, networks and organizations, collectively & individually.  For the people & organizations that are over them all the way up into Satanism.  The  potions, drugs, charms, power centers, idols, tattoos,  mandalas, witch shrines, prayer rugs, yoga pads, zabutons, chalices, effigies, celestial objects, strongholds and enchantments they use, charm, load, worship, are under or have made.  For their properties, environments, clothes, entertainments, websites, videos, literature, communications, transportation, utilities, equipment, weapons and sources of wisdom of (D).

Deliverance, Prayer and Blessing:
"I name this verbal list of concerns 'Xi Rho' for convenience."
1.  I break all unrighteous soul ties, ancestry ties, sex ties, somatic ties, enchantment ties & autonomic nerve ties on the people of "Xi Rho". By the authority of Jesus the Christ of Nazareth, I break the human empowerment and assignments given to the demons of "Xi Rho" through human demon-inspired behavior, demon-devotion behavior, submission, blood pacts, animal & human sacrifices, fasting, enchantments, worship and covenants. I unstack all clusters, powers, principalities, idols and mandalas of (C) down to elementary demons.
2.  I command the demons, elementary demons, false gods and false jesus' of "Xi Rho" to leave now and go directly & immediately to where the true Lord Jesus would send you. I break all ley lines to the networks, power centers and strongholds in "Xi Rho." I rename the idols of  (C) to an unknown name.  May those who come against us Christians be frozen in confusion. Heavenly Father, I bless you and I love you! I am your child forever.
3.  Heavenly Father, I ask you to draw all these people & groups of "Xi Rho" to spiritual poverty, conviction of sin, salvation, repentance, forgiveness, sanctification, healing and transformation in all areas of our lives. Draw us to hunger for Your truth, righteousness, kingdom, wisdom, love and peace. Please replace Satan's worldviews, identities, attitudes, delusions, wisdom, suggestions and enchantments in us with Your Truth. 
   Heavenly Father, speak Love & consolation into our memories of being subjected to rejection, molesting, abandonment, isolation, neglect, loss, betrayal, bullying, ridicule, belittling, shaming, blaming and abuse. 
   In the name of the true Lord Jesus, I command the spirits of fear, shame, terror, panic, enchantment, timidity, addiction, insecurity, inferiority, escapism, self-abuse, suicide, rage, arrogance, murder, revenge, bitterness, rebellion, superstition, manic-depression, fantasy, jealousy, lies, libel, slander, depression, discouragement, low self esteem and defensiveness to leave our hearts now. 
   Please draw us to recognize and renounce all present & prior sins & iniquities of ourselves and our ancestors. Please show us the need for forgiveness. May Your blessing be upon us, our brains & minds, our families, our friends, our properties, our clothes, food, schools, colleges, seminaries, our churches, small groups, monasteries, our Bibles, our environments, our websites, our drugs, our computers, our cell phones, our weapons, sources of wisdom and our residences.  May Your blessing be upon their mosques, groves, gangas, ashrams, synagogues, temples, anandas, lodges and meeting rooms.  May Your blessing be upon their breathing, chanting, drumming, dancing, gesturing and posing. Give us a hunger for the truth in the New Testament. May those who read this page be Blessed. I cut us free from any unrighteous ancestry ties, soul ties, sex ties, somatic ties, enchantment ties and autonomic nerve ties.
4.  Heavenly Father, please give the Christians Gifts of wisdom, knowledge, power, discernment, prophecy, fellowship, respect and love for the true Lord Jesus. Please give the Christians the Fruit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control. May those who come in social or physical contact with the Christians of "Xi Rho" be drawn towards salvation at that moment and the demons upon them be bound to silence and impotence at that same moment. May the Christians bear the fruit of the Spirit. May the Christians grow into Spiritual maturity and anointing. Please give us Christians wisdom & knowledge of Your full, true theology; of Your structure & operation of Your Churches & denominations; of your Pentecosts & revivals; and of Your Gifts, power to bless, power to deliver & delegated Authority of the Holy Spirit. Give us knowledge of what's really happening in the world and the church. Give us wisdom about truth, deception and ourselves.  May the Christian personas and personalities become ascendant & empowered in our souls and societies. May the radioisotopes, carcinogens, poisons, collaborative poisons and excess plaque in the Christians be neutralized and escorted out of their bodies.  Please give the Christians a hunger & wisdom for Revival. May the Christians recognize & renounce all demonic submissions. (Heavenly Father, please modify the antibodies of the Christian plague and vaccination sufferers to attack key proteins of that plague. May our antibodies be reprogrammed to do no harm to our legitimate and transplant human cells and organs but only go after potentially harmful aliens in our bodies.) Please increase our love, hope, encouragement and faith. Draw us to pray for, discipleship with and fellowship with one another. May all our Bibles, churches, denominations, seminaries, protection, provision, guidance, food, finances and residences be blessed. May our paid medical professionals, counselors and financial advisors be blessed while working with us. May those who read this page be blessed.
5. I ask all this in the name of Jesus the Christ of Nazareth who is my only savior and master.    Amen."

Why such long prayers?

revised: May 08, 2018