Satan flees at the name of Jesus
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Satan flees at the name of Jesus

Here's the story of a robber fleeing from women calling on the name of Jesus.
The same story.

In James 4:7 says, "Submit yourselves, then to God. Resist the Devil and he (the devil) will flee from you."  Anyone who is intent on crime is doing so under demonic influence.  Those demons are still in submission to God, although they don't like it.

In a book, The God who Hung on a Cross by Dois Rosser and Ellen Vaughn, There is an account told to missionaries.  In 1979, the Marxists in Cambodia had already massacred everyone in the big cities, so they went to the hamlets to massacre.  In this one hamlet, they forced the villagers to dig pits and stand facing them.  The next step was the bullets.  But one of the women dimly remembered hearing about a god who hung on a cross.  She started calling on that god who hung on a cross. The other villagers, not knowing what that meant or what else to do, desperately joined in.  After a while, they looked back - and all the Marxists had disappeared.  Twenty years later, a Christian missionary came to the hamlet to tell them about Jesus Christ, the god who hung on a cross!

While desperate (fervent) prayer in Jesus' name will be answered (James 5:16), it is easier to use the Authority of the Holy Spirit.  I recall seeing a demonized woman collapse and start thrashing on the floor when a Christian laid a hand on her.  As five Christians tried to restrain her, she threw them off.  Suddenly she got up and sprinted for the door.  "In Jesus' name, stop!" said the pastor.  She (or the demons) froze and her head slowly turned back.  They were able to command the demons in her to be peaceful and her sit down.

A Christian counselor I know worked with people who had numerous personalities from Satanist torture.  When he came across a demonized personality, he would "bind" the person to a chair with a command to the demons so he could work with them in safety.  No matter how hard they tried to get up, they couldn't.

edited: April 21, 2017