Crack Self-deliverance
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Crack Self-deliverance

Prayers Against The Spirit Of Crack Cocaine - FROM NEW BOOK

Deliverance Prayers against Crack Cocaine


Prayer for Salvation

Dear Lord Jesus,  I know that I am a sinner and need your forgiveness. I believe that You died on the cross for my sins and rose from the grave to give me life. I know You are the only way to God so now I want to quit disobeying You and start living for You. Please forgive me, change my life and show me how to know You. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Prayer For Help With Drugs.

My Heavenly Father, You are great and holy. I am weak and needy. I need your strength, Lord, for mine is gone. Pour your healing oil over me. Let it flow from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. As my body detoxifies, may the anointing of Jesus cover and protect me. Lead me into a small activity that will keep me busy helping someone else, and take my mind off of myself. As I do for others in your name, Lord, blanket me with your healing. I ask this with a penitent heart. I thank you, my Heavenly Father. I ask this in your Sonís holy name, Jesus, Amen!

Use names ďBELOWĒ in black line of the following prayer:


Crack Cocaine Base, Ball, Beat, Biscuits, Bones, Boost, Boulders, Brick, Bump, Bunk, Cakes, Casper, Chalk, Cookies, Crumbs, Cubes, Devil Drug, Eight Ball, Fatbags, Gravel, Hard Ball, Hell, Kibbles N, Bits, Kryptonite, Love, Moonrocks, Nuggets, Onion, Pebbles, Piedras (Spanish), Piece, Ready Rock, Roca, Rock (s), Rock Star, Roxanne, Scotty, Scrabble, Smoke Houses, Stones, Teeth, and Tornado.


Prayer Against Crack By Street Name


In the name of Jesus Christ I command spirits of Crack Cocaine called by the name of _________

To come out now in Jesus name and loose me or the victim now. Get out in Jesus name I donít want you. Amen!


Prayer Breaking Crack soul & sex ties

(Put name of drug Paraphernalia Places blank)


In the name of Jesus I break for the evil soul tie with name the above ____ and command my soul to be restored, from these places and things in Jesus Name!


Prayers against the curse of drug addiction on either side of his family.


Father in the name of Jesus Christ I pray against curses of substance abuse and drug addiction that has entered in through both sides of my family line, mother's and fatherís side and former matrons and patrons in our family. In Jesus name I command these curses and spirits to be destroyed and rendered completely powerless in my family line. Amen

Deliverance For Crack Babies


Father by the blood of Jesus deliver my child, grandchild or etc. from the spiritual and physical damage that crack cocaine has caused to my child and bring divine healing and deliverance healing to our generation. In Jesus Name Amen!


Healing For Crack Babies


Father the nutritional damage down by addiction let your precious blood bring healing and deliverance to the mind and small body that the enemy has attacked through crack cocaine. Father make my child a testimony of your mercy and grace over the enemies will to destroy this child, Amen!


Prayer of Deliverance From Chasing Crack


Lord set me free from chasing the pipe and addiction to the high feeling it gives me. I also ask you to loose me from restlessness and frustration operating in my soul deliver me Lord. Amen!


Deliverance prayer From Effects, Physical and Emotional From Crack Cocaine.

(See Page 18)


Father in the name of Jesus Christ deliver me or my loved on from (names above as they relate), and set them or me completely free. in Jesus name. Amen!


Prayer Against The Force behind Drug Spirits

Father in Jesus name I ask you to break the force of crack cocaine and weaken its power over me, break it from my loins and deliver me and my generation from these curses, Lord restore my health, finances, success, moral freedom, and break all control spirits operating against me. Amen!  

Prayer Against Self Hatred And Family Abandonment

Father in the name of Jesus Christ deliver me from the Spirits of guilt, shame, and self hatred. I ask that your Holy spirit enter into my damaged emotions and set me free. Also help me to forgive myself  and live beyond  even my families lack of approval of me, because of my past crack head ways that hurt them. Lord open their eyes to the change I have made despite all my mistakes. Amen!


Deliverance Prayer For the Family Standing in the Gap


In the name of Jesus Christ I refuse to give up on my generation that drugs, Crack Cocaine has captured and I intercede for them and refuse to give up on them. Satan I rebuke the spirit of Cocaine, lust, perversion and all related strongholds coming against them. Amen



Deliverance Prayer for Cracks Effect on the Mind


In the name of Jesus I pray over my conscience and sub-conscience mind and ask? you to deliver and heal me from crack attacks in the sleep realm and I command crack dreams, crack memories, crack cravings, crack callings, crack drawing to locations, crack smells, crack fantasy, crack lust, crack house calling, crack binging, crack lies and deceit, crack prostitution for a hit, crack player, crack shame, crack self hatred, crack secrecy, and crack dealers soul & sex ties being broken in Jesus. Amen!




Deliverance on The Body


In Jesus name Father heal ______ from:  Headache Sinus Diseases, Hoarseness, nasal irritation Bronchitis Birth defects when used by pregnant women, miscarriage HIV, Hepatitis A and B (caused by sharing IV needles) Nausea, and Anxiety, Irritability In Jesus name!




This booklet deals primarily with spirits that I have encountered related to crack addiction, it does not take away from the possible need of professional counseling, self help groups, rehabs or Church fellowship.


Please donít run around thinking everything is a demon because it is not, I will leave you with this sound wisdom that God gave me.


Wisdom Key:

You donít do what you do because you have a demon, you have a demon because of what you have been doing or have done.






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