Shaman Self-deliverance
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Animism is a religion that appeases and seeks favor from demons.  The past demon-inspired behavior and demon-devotion behavior by the ex- Shaman practitioner / Christian adds another level to cleanup.  

The first step is to ensure you have the authority to do the cleanup. Say this aloud, "Our Father who art in heaven, I receive Jesus Christ of Nazareth, your Son, to be my savior and master. I will trust and obey him for the rest of my life.   Amen."  You are now a Christian.

Classes of spirits:

The universe  The planet Earth
The animal spirits The plant spirits
The elemental spirits (earth, air, fire, water) The land spirits
The ancestral spirits The spirits of the deceased
The spirits of nature astronomical objects
"all the other spirits not of Jehovah"

For each of the above classes of demons:
1. "I renounce _______ in Jesus' name. I break any seals or creative powers over any charms dedicated to _______."
2. "I break the power of demon-inspired or demon-devotion behavior given to _______ in Jesus' name."
3. "I command _______ to leave me, my family, my property, my finances and those who have helped me in Jesus' name." 

Now finish with the following prayer:
"Our Father who art in heaven, open my eyes to see any objects I might have that are still contaminated that must be gotten rid of. I unstack the Kundalini in me down to elementary demons.  I command the elementary demons to leave now.  Father, fill me with Your Holy Spirit in all the areas that these demons have left. Protect me from sickness, harm and accidents. I thank you for all you have done for me, in the true Jesusí name.

You are now a sanctified Christian.

last updated: April 19, 2017