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charmed life

Two years ago a woman came to us.  She was frantic.  She had suddenly started to have lesbian fantasies involving a co-worker.  She was twenty five years old and never had any homosexual inclinations before.  She told us she felt creepy about this co-worker.  The co-worker had started giving her presents, so she reciprocated and gave her presents in return.  After a couple of weeks of this the fantasies had started.

I bound the demons on her, the co-worker, their properties and any soul-tie they had developed.  After I commanded the demons to leave these people and things, she felt great relief.  She reported a week later that there had been no fantasies since then.  The co-worker quit after a couple of days.

Three years ago I was the money man for a generational healing retreat. One of the attenders declared herself to be an Episcopal deacon and a Reiki Master.  She had pre-paid more than was necessary.  At the break, I gave her the five Dollars change.  She took it, held it for a moment and gave it back to me, saying to use it for my ministry.  I put it in my breast pocket.  The meeting reconvened.  Ten minutes later I was almost in a state of collapse.  I quickly asked the Lord what was going on.  He told me the Reiki master had charmed the five Dollar bill.  I took it out of my breast pocket and put it on the table in front of me.  Suddenly, I was back to being healthy.

At the next break I went around and gave her the five Dollar bill saying I couldn't take donations like that.  She was frantically calling after me as I walked out the door.  She was quiet for the rest of the retreat.  Let her eat her own curse!

In reflection, I shouldn't have given the curse back to her.  I'm sure she "spent" it and it went into circulation in that economy.  A week later, I broke the curse on that bill, wherever it had ended up.

I was invited to minister to this woman who was always coming down with ailments, having nightmares and the men who lived there had all become alcoholics.  We went in and heard a litany of problems.  When I went to the Lord, I wasn't getting anything.  So I went outside to see if I got better reception. Sure enough, the Lord told me of a curse at the front door.  I went to the front door and broke the curse, then went back inside.  Right next to the front door was this three-foot terra cotta statue of a black panther.

I asked the lady of the house where it had come from.  It had come from her sister's house when their marriage broke up.  She thought she was keeping it for her sister.  Her sister thought she had given it away.  Nobody owned it.  It owned these people! 

I asked the lady of the house to take it outside and put it on the driveway.  When that was done, I broke the power of the curses in the house and over all the people of the house.  When I was done, the lady of the house mentioned that we ought to go to the bedroom behind where the statue had sat; it felt awful in there.  I told her to go back there herself.  She did -- and was astonished that everything felt clean.

When I left I asked directions about this statue.  The Lord told me to break it & put it in a dumpster.  I transported it to a dumpster behind a grocery store, stove in its head with a wrench and dropped it in.  I had to clean up myself and my car from being near this major charm.

The lady of the house is now a prayer minister and exorcist in her own right.

There was a minister who needed to get a hip replacement.  This is a standard, easy surgery.  The patient is out in about a week.  The surgery went well.  But the minister's health started to decline.  His heart & lungs were having trouble.  His church is charismatic, so they all came over to pray for him and deliver any demons that might be in him.  He continued to decline.  He was starting to make arrangements with hospice when I was called in.

As usual, I prayed for guidance as to what to pray for.  The Lord said a witch on staff at the hospital had charmed medical equipment and was using them on him.  I commanded any unclean spirits to leave all the medical equipment and supplies used on him.  He immediately started recovering and was out of the hospital three weeks later.

Early in my Christian career a woman came for healing.  When we started to pray for her she suddenly passed out and a loud, high-pitched scream came out of her mouth.  We prayed for her and used what deliverance prayers we had for about an hour with no results.  I finally asked the Lord what to do.  He told me it was her ring.  I saw she was wearing three delicate spoon rings on her fingers.  Going one ring at a time, I said, "I bind the demons on this ring."  After I did this with the last ring, the scream finally stopped, she came to and started gently crying.  She was free.

When I later told my wife about it, she told me she always prays over any jewelry she buys.  The material has often been recycled for centuries and who knows who had it before you?  I wish she had told me two hours previously!

In a prior church there was a fellow who came in late and sat on the back row every week.  He had some papers in his back pocket.  One week, I noticed and a woman noticed him pulling those papers out of his pocket and open them up.  They were hard core porn.  a couple of weeks after that, I heard him ask one of the beautiful women in the church where she lived.  She dodged the question.  This fellow wasn't coming around to Christ.  One week he came early and sat out on one of our park benches.  I tried to get him involved in conversation, but he didn't want to talk.  I brought up the sex-class of demons, "Incubus."  Suddenly I had his attention.  He asked me not to mention that name again.  Bingo. I told him I could cast out demons.  He went into a tirade against me and what little he knew about me.  I just kept standing there.  He finally jumped up and left - toward another church down the street. He never came back.

I was on a Christian internet forum and read three women talking about intimately meeting with Jesus at night in their beds.  Incubus demons pretending to be "Jesus."  I told them about this without mentioning them by name and told them how that was dealt with.  Satan's tactic is to have one of his humans send one of these demons to someone at night.  They will sexually titilate the person.  Then they will leave and come back.  When the person voluntarily receives the demon for more funsies, they are in bondage.  The demons have your permission to come & go as they please.  Prayer and confession doesn't stop this.  The person must renounce the demon and all the permissions you gave the demon.  Then command the demon to leave you and your properties.  End of story.

There was a man who came and joined our church.  He had been married with kids, but the marriage fell apart for some reason.  Later, we found out he had gotten into a homosexual relationship and that broke up the marriage.  He realized he would be accepted in our liberal church.  Without telling him, I remotely commanded all demons on him and his partner to leave.  I broke the soul tie bond created by sex with this other man.  I commanded the demons on their properties to leave in Jesus name.  Two weeks later, he was gone.  Many months later, I heard through the grapevine that he had moved out of town, married a woman and they were intending to have kids.  Make of that what you will.

The church decided to have someone come to give small group leaders some training.  But there were too many small group leaders to do it all at one time.  Even though I wasn't leading a small group in this church, I went to the second session.  After the normal introduction, the guest speaker had everyone close their eyes and imagine a relaxing place.  The leaders' imaginations were led through a couple of experiences and then were brought back.  This rang alarm bells in my head.  She was practicing group hypnosis!  I chose to write down everything she said rather than obeying what she said.  That kept her from tinkering with me.

  What she was teaching was not about small group leadership.  She had powerpoint slides that sychronized with what she was talking about.  She was teaching about "meditation" but with a definition of self-hypnotic mind blanking.  I raised my hand and she called on me.  I asked how this "meditation" was different than Hindu mind-blanking.  She went bug-eyed and started walking backward away from the podium.  Two men that I had never seen before or afterwards in the church yelled out that it was not the same thing at all; keep going.  She walked up to the podium and continued from where she had left off.  Coaches.

  I didn't know what other secrets there were in this group.  If I tried to break up the whole thing, one of the staff might be programmed to usher out anyone who disrupted this process.  I needed to see what else she was teaching.  So I continued to quietly write for the rest of the session.

The main thing she was pushing was the redefinition of the word "meditation" to mean self-hypnotic mind blanking.  After she had established that, she started showing Bible verses containing the word and planting the new definition on the Biblical word.  She was changing the Bible that these people would read.  Hindu mind-blanking opens up our soul to demonic influence.  That's its purpose.

I noticed a couple over in the corner of the room.  The wife was coming down with shakes and looking down.  Her husband was trying to calm her down, to no avail.  Her suppressed conscious mind was starting to panic.  The guest speaker just kept right on rattling on.  If the guest speaker was a hypnotist, she would have realized the inherent danger and sent them out of the room.  She didn't.  Fortunately we were coming to the close.  That showed me that she was simply a hypno-robot, trained by these "coaches."  That meant she was a Christian that got caught up with the wrong people who were trying to use her to attack Christianity semantically.  I straightened it out by quoting the Dictionary's definition of "meditation" which the Bible translators would have used.