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The healing of Ludeen

I was invited to go pray for a friend's aunt who lived near the Okeefenokee swamp. She had cancer.

She and her husband lived in a double-wide out in undeveloped, forested country. Her husband was outside working on his pickup truck. Three other relations had already arrived and were in the house. We went in to see Ludeen. She was camped out on the sofa.

As she explained about the cancer, I went in the spirit. There were charmed objects in the house. They would have to be dealt with to aid the healing. But there also was evil in the neighborhood. There was evil in the region. When I asked Ludeen about occult practices in the region she gave me an earful. Her husband mocked her Christian faith by loudly praying to Satan. One neighbor had a book of magic, The Fifth and Sixth Book of Moses.   The other neighbor was a charmer. There were groups in the community doing animal sacrifices. The nearby city hall had to post a sign on its dumpster, no dead animals, because that's where these groups dumped their sacrifices.

There was something else: lost souls. Lost souls come from the unrequited dead. The Lord said the region had been the scene of a Civil War battle that had not been cleaned up. This could be what attracted occultists.

I stood up, raised my right hand to point at the Throne of God, extended by left arm toward these lost souls and said, "Come to Jesus."  All the relatives dropped to the floor. I sensed something was happening. I kept it up for ten minutes until the sense tapered off. The relatives got up off the floor, stunned. They had all seen a white hurricane coming in through the walls and departing through the ceiling over my finger.

Next, by the authority of the Holy Spirit I shut down the demons in the region. I cast them out of the properties and environments. I bound them to silence and impotence in the people. Then I shut down the demons in the neighborhood and neighbors. I sent my friend off to look for charms around the outside of the house. He came back with a sealed jar that had a feather and a little bone in it. I told him to throw it out. It was already inert.

I shut down anything left in the house. I told Ludeen that I could bless the house, but her husband might die if he came in. She said, "Go ahead. I don't like him that much anyway." I blessed the house in general and in specifics.

Next we prayed for Ludeen's cancer. It was in her abdomen and caused her skin to bulge. As we prayed for her we could actually see the bulge gradually flatten out. When the peace came down, we knew she was healed.

We all left and went to our homes. I heard the end of the story later from my friend. After we left, Ludeen's husband stepped in the door and collapsed. As he was dying, Ludeen cried out, "Don't kill him! Take me instead!" He immediately recovered. Ludeen got an open sore on her abdomen which she has to this day.