The African Bible Study
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The African Bible Study

time = 1/2 to 1 hour

This method and variations on it have been used throughout many parts of the World.  It is a variation on the base Christian communities methods of South America.*

STEP 1.    Each person shares his or her experience in the area of prayer from the session before.  (If this is a first session, begin with Step 2.)
STEP 2.    Read the passage slowly (one person reads out loud).
STEP 3.    Recall the word or phrase that catches your attention (one minute).
STEP 4.    Each person shares only the word or phrase with the group.
STEP 5.    Read the passage again (opposite sex of the first reader).
STEP 6.    Think out/write: "Where does this passage touch my life, my community, our nation, our world today?"  Think about all the people you encounter, not just those in your own circle of friends."  (3-5 minutes)
STEP 7.    Each person shares the above using an  "I ..." statement.
STEP 8.    Read the passage out loud again.
STEP 9.    Think out/write:  "From what I have heard and shared, what does God want me to do or be this week?  How does God invite me to change?"  (3-5 minutes)
STEP 10.    Each person shares the above using an  "I ...." statement.
STEP 11.    Each person prays for the person on their right naming what was shared in #10 and prays that prayer daily until the group meets again.

Note:  In 3, 7 and 10 be brief.  Do not elaborate, explain or teach.  That which is said is offered to the center of the group.  Others do not respond to or build on what is said as if they were in a discussion group.

* This method was published by Office of Evangelism Ministries under the name "The African Method."

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