Faith Healing
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faith healing

There are supernatural powers available for healing - divine, demonic and power of suggestion. 

In the Christian field, we can pray for God to heal someone or something in hopes that God will change it.  But for healing, we must remember that healing is one gift of many from the Holy Spirit (1Cor. 12:7-11). The rules for using a gift of healing are:
1. ask for God's guidance to see if it's okay.
2. be confessed up on your sins (James 5:16).
3. find an altruistic reason for having that gift (James 4:3). 
4. ask for the gift of healing first (Matt. 7:6-11, James 4:2).
5. Start Praying out of hope that God will come through (Heb. 11:1)
6. When the faith of assurance comes upon you, stop praying and rejoice.  It is done.

In the Hindu field, they believe that we are all Atmans (creators) in a sea of Brahman (universal creator).  They believe each human is part God with all its powers.  Their rules for healing are:
1. Meditate on this concept until they can start "believing" they are part God . 
2. "Believe" things into existence by your personal divinity.
3. Keep believing until it is manifested.

In the power of suggestion field, we have found that a person's subconscious has greater powers over their bodily functions than we normally realize.  Their rules for healing are:
1. speak slowly and quietly to a person to calm their conscious mind and bring control to their subconscious mind through suggestions.
2. speak to their subconscious mind about what they should believe and sense. Their subconscious mind will respond deeper and deeper.
3. If the belief you are trying to inculcate is contrary to their conscious mind, back out to let the conscious mind feel safe - and then go back in.
4. Use objects as focal points for their subconscious mind.  Stay with things that can be affected by their subconscious control.

The Christian and Jewish healings depend upon the infinite power of God to do things beyond what the subconscious mind can do.  Hinduism depends upon the finite power of Satan and his fellow demons whether they know it or not.  Medical hypnosis depends upon the person's subconscious mind that has more internal power than people recognize.


edited:  May 30, 2017