How People Learn
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How People Learn  By Dr. Mary Baron

1. It is not illegal to have fun while learning.
2. People learn in the physical presence of others.
3. The two best predictors of learning are individual to leader interaction -- and individual to individual interaction.
4. We lose new ideas unless we quickly do something with them --argue with them, expand upon them, debate them, draw them, act them out, set them to music, whatever.
5. We can learn from talk for a maximum of 10 minutes, then fatigue sets in and attention falls off.  Intersperse activities throughout a meeting.
6. It is all right to talk in class unless you are the leader. 
7. An expert is a barrier to learning; a leader is co-learner, facilitator, and coach.
8. Research suggests that there are at least 7 sorts of intelligence: graphic, kinetic, manipulative, numeric, oral, spatial, visual. All provide ways for us to make sense of information, to learn a skill or make connections. None is better than the others.
9. Fake questions elicit fake answers. If you know the answer, don't ask the question.
10. Leaders must work along with participants. You can't coach basketball unless you get on the court.
11. When people grapple with difficult or disturbing ideas, they need the support of others. We can do things in a group that we would not attempt on our own.
12. Groups are proud of their work and crave an opportunity to share their thinking with the leader and with the group as a whole.
13. Severe time restraints help rather than hinder discussion and learning. Time restrictions overpower the inner critic -- that guy between your eyebrows who's always announcing you can't do this!
14. Learning is messy and noisy. That's OK. Even God started with Chaos.
15. Getting off the topic is a problem only if you think you know where you're going.  Real learning leads into unexpected places.
16. Time spent off task in a group increases group bonding and learning.
17. When people are talking in groups, you be quiet.  Sit! Stay!
18. All fiction is detective fiction.
19. It is not illegal to have fun while learning below table