Humanist Information

Humanism is defined as holding humanity as their highest object of devotion.  That definition is vague enough to take in a lot of "isms".  Each of them considers their group to be "ethical."

  1. "Humanity" as being humans.  A term for this is "philanthropy"  
    1. Socialists wish to create an equally good society for the sake of the humans
    2. Capitalists wish to create a productive society for the good of humans, using greed as a motivation
    3. cultural "Christians" ignore God and love people first.  They think God is a Humanist.
  2. "Humanity" as being the entire human race.  Terms for this are "eugenics" and "dysgenics."
    1. Racists wish to "improve" humanity's gene pool, whatever that entails.
      1. sociologists destroying the society of the target race so they will kill each other.
      2. abortionists killing the future population of the target race.
    2. "People" wish to reduce the human population to what the planet can sustain, whatever that number entails.
      1. Codex Alimentarius producing unsafe food and reducing nutrition.
      2. The FDA/pharmaceuticals complex producing lethal, disabling or sterilizing "medicines."
    3. Fascists wish to improve the gene pool of their nation.
    4. Marxists want to form an anarchistic communism government that they think is ideal for humanity.
      1. They must infiltrate & subvert all other forms of government to a socialist dictatorship of the proletariat.
      2. They must to discourage "wrong thinking" down to a small enough percentage that they can eliminate.
      3. When they have controlled the whole world, then the all dictators will abandon their dictatorships and the anarchistic communism will begin.
    5. Bilderberg group and Google are working to domesticate all humanity into a collective mind - a Borg if you will.
    6. Space Scientists wish to build a viable colony of humans off planet in case of massive destruction of this planet.

In each of these cases, these people are climbing the wrong ladder.  They are leaning on their own understanding with very limited information and processing power.  They pride themselves on their own brilliance - compared to other humans.  A lot of times they will use demonic power and understanding without understanding where the power and understanding is coming from.  They certainly don't understand the intentions of the demons!

God, on the other hand, made us, loves us and will care for us if we walk in His promises of blessing and avoid the promises of curse.  He is smarter, more knowledgeable, more powerful than any other entity in this universe because He MADE this universe!  Our efforts to be our own protection, provision and guidance is a futile exercise.

Does God exist?  Pray, "God, if there is a god, I sure would like to know."  He has promised to answer a sincere effort to seek Him like this.

last update:  April 19, 2017         Tim Temple