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John 14:6 states, "I am the way, the truth and the life; no on comes to God the Father except through me."  Jesus' call to follow was an exclusive call.

1.  Jesus and the dinosaurs

Atheists are taught that Christianity can't survive the fact that dinosaurs existed.  Whenever Christians share the gospel, dinosaurs are brought up to fend them off, like crosses to vampires.  At least it changes the conversational topic away from Jesus.  Some Humanists will look up evangelists, to try this out.  Many Christians are intimidated by this topic and avoid sharing their faith.

This is not a problem.  I don't know anyone who became a Christian from the book of Genesis.  They always became a Christian through the first books of the New Testament.  Jesus then becomes their Lord & Master.  Now Jesus respected the Old Testament.  Therefore, so do His followers.  When beginnings come up, we can refer to Jesus respecting them.  Do the unbelievers have difficulties with Jesus?  Let me tell you about Him.

2.  Jesus and the pluriform ""truth"

Buddhist and Hindu influenced unbelievers are taught that since we are all part "god", we all create our own universe and our own "truth."  Therefore, what's "true" for you may not be "true" for me. 

But believing an opinion doesn't make it real truth.  Truth is decided by who has the final say on the matter, and that is the original maker.  Besides, has the unbeliever had bad things happen to them?  Why did they do that to himself?  Why did you want a Christian to tell you about real truth?  Are you trying to tell yourself a new truth?  Would you like to follow the truth that will be true in the end?  Here's Jesus.

3.  Jesus and the aliens

Unbelievers  want to transcend Christianity by stating that the universe is so big there HAS to be other life forms out there.  Christianity is too parochial to be able to survive first contact with atheist aliens.

Why do the aliens have to be atheist (other than that's how they are always portrayed on Science Fiction shows)?  Do you think aliens couldn't have a unique relationship with the Maker of the Universe?  

Non-Human intelligences on Earth are mentioned in the Bible.  They are called "demons" and Christians can order them around.  They have a relationship with God -- and it's not good.

4.  Jesus and legalism

Unbelievers and backsliders don't like religion with all its do's and don'ts that you can't keep anyway.  Why bother.  Why preach it like it was something good?

Jesus came to destroy religion as a source of being right with God.  Whenever anyone came to him to tell him how self-righteous they were, Jesus raised the bar, making it impossible for them to be righteous.  Jesus made the ten commandments impossible to follow -- on purpose.  He did it, so people would finally give up and ask God to make them righteous through Jesus.  That's what it takes to be righteous. 

5.  Jesus and "whatever works"

Some people believe that all religions contain some truth, so they pick & choose things from various religions that "work."  However, Satan's forces count on people doing that.  There are numerous demonic alternatives to Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  Choosing numerous demonic techniques as well as Christian prayer doesn't double your effectiveness; it causes chaos!  Demons and the Holy Spirit don't play nice together.  Jehovah is a jealous God; don't play the field behind his back.

6.  Jesus and money

Jesus said to beware lest money become your highest object of devotion ahead of God.  That becomes idolatry.  God has a habit of tearing down idols....