Spiritual Firewall
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We need a spiritual firewall to protect us from demonic contamination through what we read, listen to and watch.  Our world is growing increasingly occult and pornographic. Demons are speaking through people.

The problem comes from submitting to the advice of another, which means you are indirectly submitting to that person or thing.

In Genesis, how did Adam & Eve give Satan authority over the world? They didn't bow down before him and make a vow that he could have it. They didn't sell it to him. God didn't deed it to Satan after the fall.  No, what gave him the world was that they submitted to his dishonest and rebellious advice; they who own the world submitted to Satan in this way. Satan uses the world through his servants.

This is what is wrong with astrology, palmistry, ouija boards, channelers, automatic writing, tarot cards, tea leaf readings, etc.  In all these occult things and more, you are receiving advice that is coming second-hand from a demon. That legally puts you in indirect submission to the demon. That act will stand until you renounce that submission, either in a general renunciation or in a specific renunciation. Thus the demons have what I call a 'back door' into your mind and emotions that remains open until you close it.

Unfortunately, the advice, images and impressions may not seem obviously occult.  For instance, Carl Jung, the psychoanalyst, came up with much of what he taught through occult automatic writing -- he got it from a demon named "Philemon".  There are people in church who are giving advice from a spirit of divination instead of from the Holy Spirit.

First, get spiritually cleaned up.  "I renounce Satan and all his ways, advice, images and impressions I may have received. I rededicate myself to Jesus of Nazareth in all areas of my life."

Here's the spiritual firewall.   As I receive advice from various sources, I figuratively hold the advice up to Jesus Christ of Nazareth for His approval. If the peace of God descends, I receive that advice AS FROM THE LORD.  If I get no peace, I will remember it for tests, but renounce it from my heart.  Better a glass of pure water than ten gallons of mud.