cut free prayer following work
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Prayer to be set free, following work

Lord Jesus, thank You for giving me this work to do. Thank you for blessing me through it. But I realize that the sickness and evil I encounter is more than my humanity can bear. So cleanse me of any sadness, negativity or despair that I may have picked up.

If I have been tempted to anger, fear or lust, cleanse me of those temptations and replace them with love, joy and peace. If any evil spirits have attached themselves to me or oppress me in any way, I command you, spirits of the earth, air, fire or water, of the netherworld or of nature, to depart - now - and go straight to Jesus Christ, for Him to deal with as He will.

Come Holy Spirit, renew me, fill me anew with your power, your life and your joy. Strengthen me where I have felt weak and clothe me with your light. Fill me with life.

And Lord Jesus, please send your holy angels to minister to me and my family -- and to guard us and protect us from all sickness, harm and accidents. (And guard me on a safe trip home.)

I praise and bless You now and forever, Father, Son and Holy Spirit!