Circular Labyrinth Stopper
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A Circular Labyrinth by itself can be harmless.

But here's an organization whose sole purpose is to 'bless' the center of labyrinths with occult power (demons). They give walkers a great 'experience' and quietly include them into a spiritual network that makes it more complicated to deliver them from these demons. The labyrinth is used for occult divination due to the demons upon it.

These demons are tougher to cast out because they can run around the network away from you. But greater is He that is in the least Christian than all the forces of hell in this organization, their spiritual network and on the labyrinths. They just have to be exorcised all at once.

They can be targeted like this:
A. All labyrinth "energy keepers" and charmers around the world. Their supporters and associates.
B. Those who have entered the center of a charmed labyrinth.
C. The families of A & B.
D. Any charmed objects, property, people or networks that have affected any of A, B or C.
E. Anyone occultly influenced by A, B, C or D.

Let's give this list a name, so we can pray for them all at once: "lab1".

Simultaneous deliverance & prayer can be done like this:
1. "I bind all demonic communication around me, direct or indirect, in the name of Jesus."
2. "In the name of Jesus, I bind all of the demons in 'lab1'."
3. "I break the empowerment given these demons through Reiki, prayers, meditation, visioning, labyrinth tracing or any other demon-inspired behavior."
4. "I bind the demons over the unbelievers to silence & impotence in Jesus' name. I command the rest of the demons in 'lab1' to leave now and go to the feet of Jesus for Him to deal with as He wills.
5. "Lord Jehovah, I ask you to draw all these people to conviction of sin, repentance, forgiveness, salvation and healing in all areas of their lives. Please speak Truth to them."
6. "I ask all this in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who is my savior and master. Amen."