Drive By Praying
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Drive By Praying Advice

This means of praying was invented by a prayer group in Jacksonville many years ago. Two to six Christians get into each vehicle and head into the problem area. Pray for your protection. The whole problem area is blanketed with prayer by praying for everyone within two city blocks of the car in all directions, then driving four more blocks and doing it again. One person prays and everyone else gives the "Amen", meaning they agree with that prayer. Hot spots are given a special visit and special prayer.

Drive-by Praying

1. "Heavenly Father, we pray for the people, their families, their support groups, their property, environments, charms and idols within a two-block radius.  We break the empowerment and assignments given to the demons in or on the above through incantations, sacrifices, dedications, worship, fasting prayers or obedience. We break the unrighteous soul ties, sex ties and advice ties."  Amen.

2. "In the name of Jesus Christ, we bind any unclean spirits upon the above people and their support groups to silence & impotence. We break any Kundalinis on these people down to elementary demons."  Amen.

3. "In the name of Jesus Christ, we command any unclean spirits upon their property, environments, charms & idols to go straight to where the true Lord Jesus sends you. We ask You to set up blessings upon these things."  Amen.

4. "In the name of Jesus Christ, we ask the Holy Spirit to come upon all these people to draw them toward salvation, repentance and blessing in all areas of their lives spirit, soul, body, instincts, emotions, family, finances and friends."  Amen.

5. "For anyone who comes in social contact with these people over the next two months, we bind any unclean spirits upon those people to silence and impotence and we ask for the Holy Spirit to come upon those people in power, to bless them and draw them toward salvation."  Please heal those people of any damage done. "  Amen.        04/19/2017         Tim Temple