Spiritual Power
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The following is my theory of the battle between divine and demonic regarding spiritual power.

Ever since Satan fell like lightning to earth, the only power he has left is the lie.  The sons of Adam still own the world by the word of God.  He has not changed His word.  We have the power on this earth.  But Adam & Eve submitted to demonic advice and violated God's one law that had capital punishment attached.  God instituted "mercy" which is a postponed justice in order to temporarily save them and their offspring.  Satan's influence entered into the world through the children of Adam.

Through Satan's lies, flattery, greed, provocation and intimidation these children of Adam are influenced to give their authority or power over the world to demons to do things.  These children of Adam will also assign demons to do their will -- at the cost of submission, prayer, obedience, sacrifices and humiliations.  The demons then gain more and more influence over the minds & emotions of these children of Adam.  They are turned to become the enemies of God, truth, righteousness and love.

We children of God are to have faith and dependence in Him for all we do.  We no longer belong to the world.  We must not use our earthly authority to do anything, but rely on God's authority to get things done.  The picture shows a Christian using the promises of God to move God's arm toward righteousness. (corny picture, I know, but it gets the idea across.)

What can we appeal to God for to have impact in the world?  Remember, "Ye have not because ye ask not."  We can:

  1. ask God to counter Satan's lies to the children of Adam with His truth.
  2. bind & loose the authority and assignments given the demons by the other humans
  3. use God's delegated authority to drive out the demons on assignment.
  4. ask God to provide protection to people from demonic attacks
  5. bless people who are being influenced by these empowered demons

I have had great effect in countering Satan's efforts in this world using this theory.  Here's a webpage using these principles.


Here's a picture of what I just wrote about: