Why has Satan made such advances against Christianity over the last century?

Why is there such a conflict over:
Yule/winter solstice/Christmas, All saints day/fall equinox, St. John's Eve/midsummer's eve, spring equinox/Easter, ?

This is a reminder that we have become wimps compared to the early Christians who converted witches by the thousand. We adopted Christianized versions of their festival days to ease the transition to Christ. Now the witches are taking over these festivities and paganizing them.

What happened to us? The Christians had convents & monasteries of Christians devoted to prayer and deliverance for the regions every few hours. The churches knew how to invite & clean up witch converts. The churches eased their transition into Christian maturity. I've got all this covered on the Order of Saint Patrick.

We need to catch up on this quickly; Satan is uniting all his organizations against us right now - Marxism, Mammonism, witchcraft, shamanism, Islam, Bachus, racism, sorcery, charmers, demonic eastern religions, etc. And they have the internet under full control.


Diversity to avoid prayer & deliverance.