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Witchcraft and Wicca are names for a similar, neo-pagan religion. "Wicca" was invented around 1910 to make witchcraft appear more acceptable. Wicca has its own traditions and secret rites that are similar to normal witchcraft.  I have found Wicca is not as powerful as the deeper levels of witchcraft.  Wicca uses demons masquerading as different things of nature.  Witchcraft is fully pagan, using "nature" and using the demon gods from various religions including Dianic Wicca, Mesopotamian or Babylonian, Norse, Buddhist, Asatru, Stregha, Vedic, Hellenic polytheism, Celtic Wicca, Druidry and Finnish Paganism.  

civil rights for witches is an acceptable goal, just as it is for any other demonic religion, like Buddhism and Hinduism.  We Christians are not to judge those outside the church but inside the church. (1 Cor 5:12)  The Old Testament recommended killing a witch that was inside the "church" of that time, because 1) they brought demons into the body and 2) they had no way to get rid of the demons like we do today.  Any Christian who knows their authority in the God of the universe can defeat any witchcraft.  We can and must love them and pray for them -- Jesus requires it.  Witches inside the church need to be prayed for, encouraged, taught, corrected and reproved if necessary.

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    The first ex-witch Christian I discipled in the faith was brought to Christ by a Tae Quon do studio run by Christians.  Anyone could sign up for the course, but it started after the Christians met together for Bible study and prayer.  This witch was uninterested at first.  She just sat around waiting for them to be done.  But she couldn't help seeing and hearing these Christians interact.  There was no effort at evangelism.  She sat closer & closer to this group.  The love and sincerity was attractive.  The head of the doju privately asked her if she was interested.  After a long discussion, she decided to become a Christian, even though she was living in the middle of a witch community!

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