Secular Humanist evidence
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Secular Humanist Evidence

The Humanists are presenting anti-supernatural evidence on their news media to defend their position.  This can be seen in American and British news media. This is called "confirmation bias."  They believe it, so they come up with evidence to substantiate their position.  This then is used to present their views to others in hopes of gaining converts.

When faced with Christians presenting answers to prayer, they present cases of the power of suggestion.  They don't touch answers to prayer that were prayed out of earshot on behalf of someone who didn't know they were going to be prayed for. Hopefully, people will be satisfied with an abundance of stories of the power of suggestion.

When faced with Christians presenting cases of haunting and demonization, they present charlatans and extraordinary muscle strength through the power of suggestion.  Again, they give an abundance of cases that could be accounted for by these two situations.  They don't touch cases of objects being moved or sounds coming from walls with no physical explanation.  Nor do they touch verifiable supernatural revelation that demons can come out with. "If you can't convince them with the facts, baffle them with bullshit."

When faced with Christians explaining experiences with God, they present cases of people having fantasies with psycho-active drugs like LSD-25 or oxygen starvation or delirium.  Most cases don't fit any of these situations, but hopefully people will stop looking by the abundance of cases that fit these three criteria.  Besides, fantasies don't explain getting verifiable information from the environment that the person could not have known.

The legal courts are based upon secular rationalism so the Humanists can use the result of cases to show the courts disagree with anything supernatural.  But rationalism assumes lack of supernatural, so this not an objective judgment on the issue.

In cases of near-death experiences with heaven, they exclude cases where the person's soul lifted out, got verifiable information locally and then went to heaven.  That can't be explained by fantasy.

edited:  April 21, 2017