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All about The Bible by Gary Blaylock
The Road to Christian Maturity
Practical Sanctification is needed to defeat the sin nature.
How to Forgive
Healing the traumas of the past
The Covenant Service Form from Rev. John Wesley
Saint Patrick's effective church model
Care & upkeep on a pastor be nice to your pastor!
John Wesley's effective church model
Emperor Constantine's destructive church model
Prayer Time
Fellowship with God
Sanitation for prayer groups
Preparation for a time of Prayer
Making & using blessed oil
How do Faith and Healing relate?
Types of healing prayer
Social Obstacles to Healing Prayer
The Day God repented
The African Bible Study
Prayer to Cut Free from Work
Prayer for Spiritual Protection
Our Spheres of influence how much are you spiritually protecting?
Fasting basics by Gary Blaylock
traditional times of prayer
What is a "Blessing"
Family Blessing page
House Blessing page
Business Blessing page
Church Blessing page
The above blessings in printable format
Blessing for Children by 2moms.com
God Blesses Obedience
Divine Guidance
The Definition of Judging
Another Jesus  Yes, there are other Jesuses to look out for
Christian Meditation
how to tell a counterfeit Christian
Jesus and ________ for evangelism
America's Anti-Christian Alternatives
The Jewish Dilemma
Humanism vs. Christ in America
Humanist Information
Gnostic counterfeit version of Christianity is reinvading all Christendom.
Churchianity vs. Christianity
How to tell sick churches in order to avoid them
Logical tricks that are used in discussions
Dealing with evil
What is Exorcism?
The Satan People in our world
Our Sphere of Influence that we need to defend
The five-front war we are fighting -- or not
How to engage in spiritual defense for your church
Understanding Satan by Gary Blaylock
Understanding Shamanism
Why I stopped following Buddha and started following Jesus  Author: Mary Joni Harris
Occultists are demonizing the world; what to do about it.
Occult Obstacles to Deliverance 
Spiritual Warfare, Intercession and a Closer Walk by Diana Clancy
39 Lashes A meditation by Gary Blaylock
The Life of a Saint Today by Gary Blaylock
When is the Rapture going to occur? by Tim Temple
understanding the multi-dimensional God  answers the theological questions of the day.
Homosexuality and the Great Commandment an address given at a general convention
Going Straight  Gays can change their sexuality
Intercession by ARM

The Beatitudes as an eight-week teaching

Beatitudes, Week 1
Beatitudes, Week 2
Beatitudes, Week 3
Beatitudes, Week 4
Beatitudes, Week 5
Beatitudes, Week 6
Beatitudes, Week 7
Beatitudes, Week 8

Praying the Beatitudes into your life.

How People Learn

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Teacher Training

Teaching Adults
Do-It-Yourself Visuals (384KB)
Discussions and Presentations
Teaching As A Volunteer Leader (104KB)
Preparing a Volunteer to Teach
How People Learn by Dr. Mary Baron

Leadership Training

The Leader Within You
Communications Basics
Motivating Yourself and Your Volunteers
Dealing With Change
Generations in Partnership (131KB)
Group Decisions
Building Healthy Communities (110KB)
Holding Effective Meetings


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