Business Blessings
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May this company be protected physically, legally, financially and spiritually. May the neighboring businesses be blessed by Your presence. May God Almighty draw the employees toward salvation in all areas of their lives: spirit, soul and body. May any unholy influences and curses that may remain from prior tenants be broken. May anything unholy brought in by employees and customers be broken. May anyone who works or conspires against this business or any part thereof be blessed by the Holy Spirit drawing them toward salvation in all areas of their lives. May this business be filled with laughter, fellowship, honesty and industry.


May the leadership be blessed with an understanding of their poverty - spiritually, emotionally, relationally, intellectually, morally, physically and financially. May they be blessed with God's provisions and the wisdom in how to obtain them in all of these areas. May they be blessed with God's wisdom and knowledge, personally and corporately. May they be healed of fear, shame, hate and traumas that would affect their personal skills. May they be blessed with faith, hope, love and honesty.


May the finances of this business be protected and flourish under the hand of Almighty God, who provides all things. May the accounts and books be kept safe from harm or corruption. May the insurance bill be paid in a timely fashion.

Intellectual Capital

May God Almighty protect the trade secrets, patents, copyrights and skills of the employees of this business. May the Lord protect the paper & electronic files and the computers from damage, loss and corruption.

legal / regulatory

May the Lord bless the zoning commission, the business licensing department, environmental department, the state, local and federal tax services, OSHA and the department of state UBR section on their behalf.


May the water, electric, sewer, mail, telephone, fax and internet services be protected from all harm and disruption, inside and outside the business. May the landlord and their office be blessed and kept from evil influences.