Family Blessings
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Lay hands on or hold hands with the one to be blessed.  

Husband to Wife

May this wife You have given me be blessed in all she undertakes. May she be blessed with strength and wisdom, patience and understanding. May she be an abundant source of healing and nurturing. May she be protected from sickness, harm and accidents. May she be a teacher and encourager. May she be blessed with your faith, hope, love and joy.

Wife to Husband

May this husband You have given me be blessed in all he undertakes. May he be strong in God's mighty strength and supported by His love. May he be a protector of the weak, a provider for the needy and a gentle counselor of the young. May he be protected from the sickness, evil and seduction that is in the world. May he be known as a Man of God.

Parents to offspring

May (this child/these children) You have given us be blessed in all they undertake. May they be blessed with food, clothes, shelter and protection from the Evil one and his allies. May they grow in wisdom and respect before God and their peers. May they be protected from sickness, from physical harm, from seduction, from verbal assault and from accidents. May they grow in faith, hope, love and obedience. May they be known as Oaks of Righteousness and Love.

Family to Pets

May (this pet) be blessed with protection from sickness, from all harm, from getting lost and from accidents. May (this pet) be blessed with love and obedience and be a source of unconditional love for the family.


edited: April 19, 2017