Church Defense
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I've seen external attacks by groups sending in curses, hexes and spells. I've seen the pentagram remains where witch covens come on the property at night (inside & outside of buildings) and perform their sacrifices and spells. I've seen charmed books and items "donated" to the church. I've heard of people coming in off the street in the middle of the day (maybe even into a Sunday service), to leave curses, hexes and spells.

I've seen internal attacks by spies, saboteurs, seducers, occultists and counterfeit Christians. Employees can get away with more because they have to be given due cause to fire them. Occultists can use a spell to marry a Christian and come in on her or his coattails. Guile and witchcraft can get these agents promoted into positions of prominence in the church. (In fact, I left the Episcopal denomination because the majority of denominational leadership positions were filled with Gnostics who had worked their way up the hierarchy this way.)


The prayer managers in a church should know how to spot a counterfeit prayer minister.  I have knocked out many phony Charismatics in my decades.

Buddhists, Hindus, Gnostics, Satanists and demonized Christians can carry a Bible and say "Praise the Lord."  They can talk about "jesus" in ways that sound right but weird. Hinduism has added a "jesus" to their pantheon and said he went to India or Tibet to learn TM.  The Gnostics worship Christ that came from Abraxas and Sophia and infested a human named "Jesus."  The Buddhist's Holy Spirit  is the whole planet Earth that they draw into themselves for empowerment through chanting, drumming, martial arts, tai chi and Yoga.  For them, Jesus is an ascended master, not a messiah from our sins.

The fastest way to flush the phonies is  to tell them to say the following statement, if they mean it: "Jesus Christ of Nazareth is my only savior and master".  If they are Christians they will be surprised to be asked, but immediately say it.  If they are a counterfeit, they will dodge it by saying something like, "oh, I'm a Christian."  Wrong answer.  They will be offended at having their wonderful faith questioned. Wrong answer. They may quote your having said the statement. Wrong Answer.  They may say "jesus is Lord." Wrong answer. They may come up with a sudden, forgotten appointment and leave. Right answer - and you won't see them again.

The only kink to this is someone who has multiple personalities from torture and hypnosis, at least one of which is Christian.  The Christian will surface and say all the right things and then the non-Christian personality will surface. Normal people can see the difference in their face if they know to look for it.  If you command a Christian personality to the surface things can get lively.

It is wrong to accept a laying on of hands, a hug or food from unchecked people until they are checked out. A hand shake is ambiguous, since you can send the Holy Spirit through the connection as well as they can send demons.


Jesus told us to "love your enemies and pray FOR those who persecute you." Matt. 5:44 He told us that all demons are fair game.

When a Christian prays for an occultist and they continue in sin, our blessing acts as a curse. If they turn, so much the better. If they run for it, that's just God's way of separating the wheat from the tares. SINCE you can't judge who they are, we have to leave it to God.
If they are unbelievers, we have to give them special treatment; just bind the demons to silence and impotence in place, so they can't go get any other demons. Clean them up when they become Christians.

Here's where group prayers come in. First, "everyone who has come onto the property in the last year" is a good target. The angels are good at dispatching our prayers to the relevant parties.

Second, "everyone who has worked or conspired or trained to influence the church and its members, directly or indirectly, in the last year." I had to say "influence" because you can have those of other religions demonically 'blessing' us with all good intentions.... Praying for those who "conspire" against us hits at the leadership. I go after "indirect" attacks because you can be just as hurt by direct fire as collateral fire.

There's a need to defend each organizational level from the individual up to the entire denomination. Make a group of "all organizational levels below the denomination down through to the individual members." That will make the angels earn their pay (assuming they get paid).

In your own church, pray for the attendees, staff, employees, contractors, suppliers, supporters and advertisers. Pray for the family members, properties and associates of the above. By now the angels' tongues are hanging out.


There are Christians who are under mild demonic influence either mentally or spiritually due to spiritual back doors in their old nature. There are also Christians who have an alliance with a demon, such as a "guardian angel," a familiar spirit or a demon offering false signs & wonders. There are quasi-Christians whose old natures accept demonic protection or powers. There are pseudo-Christians who prey on Christians, children and the homeless while waving a Bible and shouting "Hallelujah!" I remember a Shriner who would brag about all the people he had "saved" (no evidence), but privately would try to get Christians hooked up with this medium who was "amazingly accurate." So many Christians who were brought up in the church would swallow these lies whole, despite the injunction, "Be ye wise as serpents, yet as innocent as doves."

One Sunday after the service, my pastor came up to me and said, "Maybe you can figure this out. For several Sundays I've been in the back of the church, all pumped up for the service. The music starts and we process up the aisle. I get most of the way up and suddenly it feels like I got hit with a ton of bricks. I can just barely go up on the stage. The praise music starts, but I can't get into it. Then suddenly I feel great! What do you make of it?" I told him, "The Van Kleeks are sitting on the aisle, the third row from the front. As you pass by them they throw curses into your back. Ten minutes after the service has started, when most of the stragglers have arrived, I quietly do a deliverance for everyone on the property. That's what happens."

If I had also done deliverance for their properties as well, the first time would probably have been the last time.


The people in the church will roll over if there is a small group of intercessors willing to do deliverance for each other and the church. I have seen this happen twice. At Central Church of the Nazarene in Jacksonville, FL, the pastor & I:
1. prayed over all the pews and those who would sit in them, for blessing & deliverance.
2. prayed over all the rooms, anointing the doorways.
3. prayed over the property for blessing & deliverance. I worked on a hot spot in the far corner of the lawn, where somebody had done something evil.
4. hopped in a car and prayed & delivered the two nearby colleges and all the residential areas within a few blocks of the church. Worked on a couple of hot spots like bars & drug hangouts.

A couple of months later, he reported to me that the congregation was "rolling over"; those who shouldn't be there were leaving and sincere Christians were coming and becoming members. Four years later, the church is still growing and stable. It is starting to have problems again, since no one there is continuing the cleanup.


What to do with a target

1. bind all Satanic communication around you, direct or indirect, in the name of Jesus Christ. Leave them guessing where the blow is about to come from. That's good for both shamans and witches.

2. bind the empowerment given to these demons by humans offering incantations, sacrifices, dedications, covenants, worship or any other demon-inspired behavior or demon-devotion behavior. This seems to be an acceptable thing to do; it is highly effective against hardened targets. If it were not allowed, it wouldn't make an impact on the next step.

3. bind the demons over the unbelievers (or unbelieving personalities) on the list to silence & impotence.

4. command the rest of the demons on the list to leave immediately and go directly & immediately to where the true Lord Jesus would send them. Don't leave them hanging around.

5. cut the people of the list free from any unrighteous soul & sex ties. If they are "one" with someone who has a demon, that demon can sneak in through the tie. You can get a soul tie from such things as sex, laying on of hands, holding hands, etc.

6. Ask your Heavenly Father to bless them and their property. Ask the true Lord Jesus to speak truth to them (or each personality) through visions, dreams, angels or ambassadors. Ask the Holy Spirit to bring life to their spirits, souls and bodies.


This process is useable in other areas.

We need to do this for:
1. parachurch organizations
1.1 evangelistic organizations
1.2 missionary organizations
1.3 healing & deliverance organizations
2. Christian organizations
2.1 Christian publishers
2.2 Christian pollsters
2.3 Christian book stores
3. schools
3.1 Universities
3.2 Departments of education
3.3 grade schools
4. secular book stores
4.1 Amazon
4.2 Barnes & Noble
4.3 Borders
5. political parties
5.1 Republican party
5.2. Democratic party
5.3 Marxist parties
6. journalism
6.1 print, broadcast and internet media
6.2 news sources
6.3 college journalism departments
7. Christian denominations
7.1 captive denominations
7.2 suppressed denominations
7.3. fruitful denominations
8. the global illegal drug industry
8.1 production, distribution, & sales
8.2 supporters and defenders
8.3 users
9. Medical field
9.1 Medical professionals and volunteers
9.2  Medical suppliers and hospitals
9.3  Medical organizations and government departments

Our prayer power is limited by our lack of imagination.