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Christians vs  Jews

Please remember, the Jews are not Christians. They are not considered as righteous as Christians by God. They are not equipped by the Holy Spirit as are the Christians.

There is a pervasive occult influence in the Jewish culture, families, individuals, properties and environments.  There is a social reservoir of unforgiveness, hatred, judgment and righteous indignation which Satan uses to influence them, despite Jesus Christ of Nazareth dying for them.  Thus they always angrily defend the indignant underdog - until they turn and attack them.  People who have been provoked to wrath as children will always be looking for someone to express their anger on.

Karl Marx was a Jew, so he was most influential with his fellow Jews.  While the Jews want a controlled socialism to eliminate underdogs, the non-Jewish angry people have different agendas.  They want to rule and be rich for a while.  The Jews don't like that.  The pograms start.

Their primary books are the Talmud and the Kabbalah. Both sets of books were written when they were in exile in Babylon. There are occult aspects in both sets of writings. The Jews read those books more than the Torah (the old Testament Bible). This occult influence blinds them to the gospel of Jesus Christ. It also influences them to promote the occult and demonic religions. Half of the American Jews are New Agers and atheists.

Israel was a new and precarious experiment, they worked to make the country into a Marxist socialism.  As they worked their Kibbutzim (communes), they found the contemporary kibbutz didnít provide answers for life needs, and peopleís aspirations.  The kibbutz created too much friction. The kibbutz secretariat dictated too many things to members. And people wanted more freedom to take responsibility for their lives. Morale and productivity went down. Most Kibbutzim were converted to Moshavim, the capitalist model.  This put Karl Marx and his atheism on the skids in Israel.  The non-Israeli Jews around the world felt betrayed by the Israelis abandoning Karl.  More Jews started realizing Marxism was a false dream.  The gentile Marxists are becoming anti-Israeli and anti-semitic.

They make the same mistake Solomon made. Solomon tried everything to live his own independent life based upon the wisdom God had given him. That's what the book of Ecclesiastes is all about. The Jews proudly consider themselves the chosen people and the smartest people in the world to boot. Their arrogance and judgmentalism is hard to take.  The former Prime Minister of Israel, Golda Meier, said she was managing a country of a million prime ministers.

BUT, in the meantime, they are the race chosen by God to bring Jesus into this world. Jesus will come back when they call for Him. They will reign during the Millennium with Jesus. God will assign the 144,000 virgin male Jews to rule under Jesus.

What should we do? Hold your nose and pray for them anyway. Offer to God deliverance, prayer and blessing for them, their organizations, their properties and their environments. We need to defeat the demonic influence in Hollywood, education, news and banking. If we don't, God will defeat the Jews through our Muslim president!

revised:  April 09, 2015