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The Jews and their crippled religion have been befriended by gentile Christians ever since World War 2.  At that point, the veil was lifted and we realized Jesus, the apostles and patriarchs of old were all Jews.  Jesus will be coming back for His people, the Jews.

90% of the "Jews" are white and racially Khazars. They are not Semitic.  The racial Jews have been traced into Africa and called Ebo or Igbo.  The Ebo will be brought back to Israel from the four corners of the world, according to Deuteronomy 28.  As captives from lost wars, they ended up in the Americas, Europe, the middle East and Asia as slaves.

The unbelieving, practicing Jews are not holy people. They are not saved. They must have God's Messiah to be saved.  But right now, they still reject their own true Messiah.

Christian Zionists in Israel are terribly misled. When Jesus comes back, will call the Jews back to Israel.  The United Nations' Israel is a fraud by Satan.

The Jewish Jesuits are in the Roman Catholic church, for killing heretics, protestants, Coptics and Orthodox Christians at some time in the future.

The Jewish Illuminati, Freemasons, Kabbalists, Sabbateans, Frankists, Nazis and Marxists are very Zionist and want to conquer the world with Satanism. The Rothschilds are the largest and most influential Jewish family in this group.

The Jewish Zionists are not necessarily practicing the Old Testament.  Some if not most are Jewish Messianists trying to create their own Jewish messiah.

Here are anti-Zionist orthodox Jews.  Sounds like a contradiction, but not really.  The rules of behavior during 'captivity' are laid out in Jeremiah 29.  Do this and you will be blessed.  The Messiah will establish Jerusalem by his own hand as the world capital and call for the Jews of the diaspora to come to Jerusalem with the silver and gold of the nations.  

Here's the dilemma with the Jews.

Here's Jews vs Christians.

Here's occult Judaism that is corrupting our world.  It may be a minority, but it is spreading among the gentiles in Hollywood.

Art Katz, the Jewish Marxist became a believer in Jesus, the Messiah.  He speaks with genius.


updated: April 21, 2017                     http://orderofsaintpatrick.org/jewish/index.htm