The children of Israel
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The children of Israel have been anti-Christian for centuries.  In Jesus' time the leaders of Israel killed their and our Messiah.  They imprisoned the apostles and killed some.  In the days of the apostle Paul, they persecuted him and almost killed him.  The book of Revelations refers to these people  as persecutors.  They persecuted Jesus and all the first Christians who were mostly Jews.

Did God chose them because of something special about them? No. God arbitrarily chose Abraham, an idolator, out of India.  God established a relationship with him. Abraham responded by trusting God enough to obey Him and migrate west, not knowing where he was going. Even so, he had to be circumcised as a literal metaphor for putting off his old nature before he was allowed into the land of promise.

God arbitrarily chose Moses as His agent to rescue Abraham's people from Egypt. But they were such arrogant idolators, God kept them in the desert until the whole first generation died off, before letting their children back into the promised land. But they were still contrary.

For thousands of years they have been without the atonement of sacrifices that the Mosaic covenant.  They decided that what few sacrifices they were doing were enough.  But since they were  responsible to fulfill ALL the Mosaic covenant by the Torah, they have been under the promises of curse for those who failed.  Since God has not been blessing them (because they were aligned with God's curses), they got into the occult and demonic for spiritual defense and power.  This is true of the secular Jews, the Kabbalist Jews and  the ultra-orthodox Jews.  The Orthodox Jews are thorough legalists, despite the fact they can't obey all the sacrificial laws.  The Reform Judaism holds to the Law, but they are very Humanistic.  All of them are headed to hell without Yashua as their Messiah for their sins.

They have been corporately anti-Christian for centuries.  This has become their identity.  Once a Jew, always a Jew.  Bernie Madoff can scam Jewish widows for billions and remain a Jew.   Someone can be a gay Communist Satanist and be a Jew.  BUT if someone accepts Yashua as their Messiah, they are disowned as a Jew.

To defend their anti-Christian position they spin history.  They infer that the Spanish Inquisition was all about them, but the Inquisition was almost entirely about condemning goy Protestants. They say the Pope helped Hitler persecute the Jews, but the Pope was surrounded by Hitler's armies and did what he could for the Jews.  They say Hitler was a Christian, but they ignore all the occult symbols and occultists he consulted.  They ignore their own arrogance and contempt for goys as a possible cause for the gentiles' anger. 

They will make friends with Christians, especially pastors.  But if the Jews For Jesus come to town or any outreach to unsaved Jews, they will lament that the "friendship" is at risk.  Isn't it more important to be the friend of a Jewish Rabbi?  The answer, they hope, is "yes."

The Star of David (hexagram) was not used by David or Solomon.  It was forced upon the Jewish society by Adolph Hitler when he ordered them to use it as identity tags.  Its earliest recorded use was in Egyptian mystery religion.  Later, it was used as a Mandala (spiritual gateway) in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. The Satanic Illuminist, Rothschild, began the Zionist Movement in 1896, funded the agitation through 1948 to get Israel re-established back in the land, and has owned the leadership of Israel up to the current day. The Zionist movement brought to Israel the most Satanic of all symbols, the hexagram.

They and their generations need exorcism.

However, They are God's anointed, even though they have despised Jesus their messiah up to the present.  Don't be seduced into returning evil for evil with them!  Bless them and pray for their salvation.  

The age of the gentiles is about to come to an end, with Jesus coming back to be the world ruler for the Jews.  They are still the people of numerous promises of blessing by God.

edited: April 21, 2017