Aspergers / Plus-Minus
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Aspergerís Syndrome, negatives

* An observable disability in nonverbal behavior (body language)
* Failures in peer Relationships (lonely but bully bait)
* Relative numbness in social relationships  (lack of empathy)
* Lack of positive, socially "proper" sharing  (ignorance of social rules)
* Fixations or overfocusing  (able to concentrate on an interest)
* Nonfunctional routines or rituals  (habit-bound)
* Unusual motor mannerisms  (unaware of body language)
* Persistent attachment to parts of objects  (interest in objects -- and taking them apart)

Aspergerís Syndrome, positives

* genius at science, art, technology, music, religion, mathematics, etc.
* superb experts at their fields of study  (compared to the average person)
* Original thinkers and inventors  (we don't think like the average person)
* Honest to a fault, emotionally childlike  (we wear our emotions on our sleeve)

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